VietnamEnchanting Natural Lakes in Vietnam That You Should Not Miss

Enchanting Natural Lakes in Vietnam That You Should Not Miss

Forget the hustle and bustle of the cityscape; it is time to revise your travel itineraries into an off-the-beaten-track journey! Beside splendid mountains and gorgeous beaches, these recommended natural lakes in Vietnam are the ideal tourist spots. 

Ba Be Lake

This biggest natural lake in Vietnam surely offers you real northeast sightseeing. The name “Ba Be” means three lakes because of its large area of water connecting small lakes and canals.

ba be lake

Ba Be Lake is the biggest natural lake in Vietnam.

Located in the middle of Ba Be National Park, Ba Be Lake is the perfect harmonization of turquoise water, valleys, and stalagmite caves. Surrounding it are lush forests and foggy mountain ranges to create fantastic scenery.

The legend of Ba Be Lake

The lake was formed about 200 million years ago and has been in a famous Vietnamese folk story. Legend has it that long ago, there was a fairy dragon in disguise as a dirty, ugly, and old beggar to test humans; however, they all chased her away except a widow and her son. So she warned them of an imminent flood and gave them two magic boats. Thanks to this, they escaped and saved many lives. The village was submerged in water and formed Ba Be Lake.

How to get to Ba Be Lake from Hanoi?

Location: Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province (230 kilometers from Hanoi). 

Local bus: You can take Thuong Nga bus at the My Dinh bus station to Ba Be National Park. After 5 hours, you’ll move to the transition car at the Bac Kan depot to go to your requested sites.

Ticket: VND 170,000 per ride

Contact: (+84) 972 426 668 or (+84) 977 384 888

Departure time: These buses depart twice a day: 6 AM, and 10 AM.

Motorbike: It is very challenging to ride from Hanoi to Ba Be through the 230-kilometer route, so we do not recommend this for travelers who have few experiences in riding a motorcycle.

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When is the best time to visit Ba Be Lake?

Tourists should travel here in spring and summer. Because in these seasons, the water is calm for kayaking as well as cave discovery, and the atmosphere is very cozy.

What to do at Ba Be Lake?

Kayaking: This is one of the most fantastic activities you should not miss at the lake. By small boat, you can immerse in the romantic scenery and the great diversity of the fauna and flora.

lake kayaking

Sailing boat around the lake to see its beautiful nature.

Hiking and trekking: hours of strolling around the small paths amidst the forests will reward you with the miraculous landscape around here.

hiking and trekking ba be

Ba Be Lake has everything for the best trekking trip.

Cave expeditions: there are three famous caves hidden in the forests nearby called Puong, Hua Ma, and Lo Mo, which will welcome you with an artistic rock formation.

lo mo cave

The journey in these marvelous caves can be your unforgettable experience.

Cycling: Bike is one of the most environment-friendly transports to discover the corners around as well as to get lost in the beautiful, untamed nature.

cycling ba ba lake

Cycling along the paths to discover hidden corners around Ba Be Lake.

Advice on traveling to Ba Be Lake

  • You should bring coats and blankets because the night is quite cold.
  • Remember to bring sport clothes for hiking and trekking.
  • Forests cover Ba Be Lake, so bring insect repellent.
  • Having a local guide is perfect for understanding the life around Ba Be Lake better.
  • Follow the regulations of Ba Be National Parks to avoid unexpected problems.

Where to stay at Ba Be Lake?

There are not many hotels and homestays here, so you need to book the room in advance to get a reasonable price. Here are some recommended accommodations:

Ba Be Lake View Homestay is the most famous homestay at Ba Be with a beautiful view towards Ba Be Lake.

Address: Pac Ngoi Village, Ba Be, Bac Kan Province

Booking link: Ba Be Lake View Homestay

ba be view lake homestay

From here, you can enjoy the fantastic and peaceful view of Ba Be Lake.

Hoang Chuyen Homestay gets excellent reviews on Agoda for its services.

Address: Pac Ngoi Village, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan Province

Booking link: Hoang Chuyen Homestay

West Lake

It will be a significant omission if West Lake is not mentioned as one of the most enchanting natural lakes in Vietnam. Curving along with the northwest of Hanoi, the lake still keeps itself the rare tranquility against the noisy and busy lifestyle. Additionally, West Lake is the biggest natural lake in Hanoi with a massive body of water and encircled by a 20-kilometer road.

west lake hanoi

Even though West Lake has a rather Western vibe, it still bears some distinctive local features.

How to get to West Lake?

Location: Northwest of Hanoi (10 – 15 minutes to drive from Hoan Kiem Lake). 

It is not difficult for anyone to pay a visit since West Lake is located in the heart of Hanoi. You can grab a taxi or bus number 14 to get there.

You can check the bus number in this link.

When is the best time to visit West Lake?

The most elegant moment of West Lake is in summer when flamboyant start to blossom. Besides, the atmosphere of every summer evening gives you a relaxing vibe.

What to do at West Lake?

Cycling: what could be better than to get on a bike trip along the shore, enjoy the fresh air, and steer clear of the hustle and bustle. It is advisable to do this in the early morning and mid-late afternoon to enjoy the most beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

cycling west lake

Having a bike trip can get your soul out of the turbulence of the city.

Grab some food: There are many local choices for you to try at West Lake. Tourists can go to restaurants nearby to have a taste for VND 60,000. Or you can choose other street vendors for a more reasonable price. Some local foods that you should try are rice dumpling cake, crispy shrimp cake, rolled pho, vermicelli, and shellfish soup.

cripsy shrimp cakes

Crispy shrimp cake

rolled pho top things

Rolled Pho

Visit pagodas: Besides its beauty, West Lake is also famous for ancient pagodas such as Tay Ho Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda… Visitors adore these places for their historical value and architectural details.

west lake pagoda

Temple of Literature is a 15-minute drive away from West Lake.

Make your day with a cup of coffee or tea: Nothing can be as chill as sipping hot coffee in a cafe and enjoying the exceptional view of West Lake after a long day.

Where to stay at West Lake?

Cocoon Inn

Address: 116 – 118 Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Booking link: Cocoon Inn

Hanoi Garden Boutique Hotel & Spa

Address: 3B Cha Ca, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Booking link: Hanoi Garden Boutique Hotel & Spa

See more in our article on the Top Hotel in Hanoi.

Lak Lake

Lak Lake is a very famous tourist destination at Dak Lak. The ancient forest covers its water with the fresh blue color of the sky horizon, which create a heavenly scenery.

Lak lake

One of the most beautiful natural lake in Vietnam.

When is the best time to travel to Lak Lake?

Tourists should travel to Lak Lake from December to February as the wild sunflowers will blossom along the path, and there are also more festivals at this time.

How to get to Lak Lake?

Location: about 56 kilometers from the south of Buon Ma Thuot, along highway 27. 

Because it is very far from Hanoi (1410 kilometers) and Ho Chi Minh city (350 kilometers), the most convenient and safest way to reach Lak Lake is by plane. From the Dak Lak airport, you can get in a taxi to come to Buon Ma Thuot city. You can choose Vietnam Airlines or Jetstar. Remember that the sooner you book the ticket, the cheaper you need to pay.

What to do at Lak Lake?

Travel by wooden boat: don’t miss this activity, for you can see fish swimming below your boat as well as get overwhelmed with the gorgeous landscape around the lake.

wooden boat lak lake

Traveling by boat is an ideal way to discover the biodiversity here.

Discover the local culture: Learn more about the Mnong village or the Gong culture while you’re here by making friends with locals and joining their traditional dances or festivals.

Try the typical food: “Cha ca thac lac” (fishcake) is the most typical cuisine here. After being caught from the lake, the fishes are washed and removed from their bones. Then the locals will add seasoning to make it tastier. It’s best for frying and eating with different veggies.

cha ca thac lac

“Cha ca thac lac” is the special food of the locals.

Where to stay at Lak Lake?

Lak Tented Camp

Address: 193 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Lien Son town, Lak, Dak Lak

Booking link: Lak Tented Camp

Search for more accommodations on Agoda:


Conclusion of 3 Enchanting Natural Lakes in Vietnam

These enchanting natural lakes in Vietnam will be astonishing to every traveler due to their elegance and breath-taking landscape surrounding. If you are so accustomed to the urban lives, these lakes are no doubt one of the best places for you to experience an authentic, local lifestyle you’ll never forget.

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