VietnamEcotourism in Vietnam: What to Know and Where to Go

Ecotourism in Vietnam: What to Know and Where to Go

Traveling is not about having fun only, but also about conserving and enhancing bio-cultural diversity. The ongoing trend of ecotourism in Vietnam helps protect the natural and cultural heritage, as well as enrich your environmental awareness.

Pros of Ecotourism of Vietnam

Local Economic Improvement

Since tourism can generate more jobs, it provides sustainable revenue for the locals. Whether you choose a tour to the Mekong Delta forests or trekking through paddy fields in Ninh Binh, your journey gives the local workers – especially those in the rural areas – a chance to earn a higher income through providing hospitality services and infrastructure.

Preserve Community Cultures

Traditional practices and cultural values are preserved in order to attract tourists. Locally grown and processed food, crafted souvenirs, ancient art performances, historical artifacts, and more are conserved and turned into “travel specialties.”

ha giang yen minh

Traveling off-the-beaten-path offers unique sneak-peaks into the local cultures

Enhance Environmental Awareness

When the local authorities realize the potential of ecotourism in Vietnam, they’re more likely to educate the locals about the environment and invest in ecotourism activities. Simultaneously, more environmental projects are initiated to educate the tourists to help them foster a better mindset regarding environmental protection. Moreover, tourists are also inspired to do more for the environment.

Financial Resources towards Conservation

The money you spend on ecotourism in Vietnam will go back on conservation efforts such as saving endangered species or reforestation. With genuine ecotourism projects, up to 90% of the profit will finance conservation. Nevertheless, you need to check carefully whether the ecotourism project cooperates with local authorities or not to make sure your money is re-invested in the ecotourism and biodiversity system.

More Affordable Experiences

Instead of going for luxurious hotels, opting for local homestays in Vietnam will save you a good amount of budget for more activities and exploration. Most ecotourism destinations in Vietnam offer incredibly affordable services as they make smart use of natural resources.

Cons of Ecotourism in Vietnam

Travel Impacts on The Environment

While making your way to these exotic places, you’ll have to travel a longer distance. Traveling by plane or car generates more carbon emissions on the environment. Although ecotourism is considered the most sustainable form of tourism, zero waste traveling is still a big challenge for almost every visitor.

Less System of Support

When you travel to more remote places, there will be less medical support nearby. You’ll need to pack along first-aid items, medicines, and other necessary items to survive in sparsely populated areas.

Ecosystem Degradation

If too many people explore an ecotourism destination, they might disturb the biodiversity system there. Highly visited ecotourism sites may lead to the fragmentation of natural habitats. Many facilities, such as hotels or restaurants, will be constructed to fulfill ecotourism demands.

Read more on Responsible Travel in Vietnam.

How to Experience Ecotourism in Vietnam


You can volunteer to clean up the beaches or help protect wildlife at national parks and animal shelters. There are so many positive impacts you could have on ecotourism in particular and on the environment in general.

Opting for Green Lodging Services

You can choose hotels that have environmentally-friendly policies such as providing eco-friendly toiletries or local homestays so that you can enjoy authentic traveling experiences as well as minimize the negative impacts on the environment.


Bring Eco-friendly Items along

You can bring along reusable water containers, eco-friendly packages. Additionally, avoid plastic bags and unnecessary packages while shopping in Vietnam to cut down on wastes. See more on Zero-Waste Travel in Vietnam.

Choose Credible Ecotourism Projects

Do your research carefully on the ecotourism projects to make sure they meet your expectations. The ecotourism in Vietnam projects needs to follow these criteria: safeguard the biodiversity, support the well-being of local communities, nurture cultural experiences, boost the local economy,…

Where to Experience Ecotourism in Vietnam

Trang An Landscape Complex (Ninh Binh)


Picturesque scenery of Trang An Landscape Complex

Experience awe-inspiring landscape made up of mountains, limestone caves, ancient pagodas, and grottoes. Lay back on the row cruise through breathtaking sceneries and behold the biggest complex of Buddhism in Vietnam. Additionally, trek or bike through the lush paddy fields to get immersed in the peaceful countryside. See our guide for your First Time in Ninh Binh.

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Tam Dao National Park

Tam Dao

Tranquil corner amidst of vast Tam Dao wild forests

Discover eight different kinds of forests with diverse topography, climate, and 840 species of animals. Tam Dao National Park is said to represent the mystical beauty of the wild forests in Northern Vietnam. You can have an excursion to the Silver Falls and Rung Rinh peak, which is phenomenal to experience ecotourism in Vietnam.

Cat Tien National Park

cat tien national park ecotourism vietnam

Cat Tien National Park has a lot of ecotourism activities to offer

Just about 155 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien National Park is one of the six prominent biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam. There are a lot of ecotourism experiences such as trekking or biking through the park headquarters, visiting animal rescued stations, watching gibbons, having kayaking excursions, enjoying night safaris, embarking on a bird-watching tour.

Ba Be National Park

ba be national park

Breathtaking view at Be Be Lake

Ba Be National Park encompasses clear waterfalls, rivers, valleys, lakes, and stalactite and stalagmite caves all set amidst picturesque landscapes. You can take part in the trekking activities with a tour guide or spend a night at Bo Lu Village to gain a good grasp of ethnic minorities’ daily life. There are other charming neighboring attractions such as Dau Dang Fall, Puong Cave, and Tien Pond.

Mai Chau Town

moc chau plum garden

Plum gardens – Mai Chau Specialties

A rural village with towering cliffs and mountainous backdrop perfectly represent ecotourism in Vietnam. At this northern village, you will have the chance to experience traditions and cultures up close while staying at the Vietnam ethnic minority local homestays. There are multiple ethnic minority communities, immense karst caves, vibrant local markets, unique culinary experiences that will fulfill your ecotourism in Vietnam. See our guide for your First Time in Mai Chau.

Ha Giang

ha giang view 4

Stupendous landscape with lush rice terraces at Ha Giang

Fond of getting off the beaten path and experiencing ecotourism in Vietnam in the most appealing way? With up to 90% of the ethnic minorities population, Ha Giang remains a pristine area and less affected by mass tourism. Ha Giang can broaden your horizons with fascinating mountainous scenery, golden rice terraces, colorful ethnic markets, hearty towns, lush valleys. Experience ecotourism in Vietnam with Ha Giang’s lovely ecohouses and homestays. If you want to traverse to the more remote places in Ha Giang, you’ll need to buy a permit costs $10. However, all of the tourists claim that it’s worthy.

The Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta owns an amazing biodiversity system with diverse flora and fauna and a complex river system. You can explore the Mekong Delta wild forests or bike along with enchanting paddy fields. The green paddy fields and fishing villages, traversing laid-back streams, and rivers, discovering wild forests bring a unique culinary experience with natural and locally grown ingredients.

mekong delta tours 15

Discover Mekong Delta on a sampan with the local

Conclusion of Ecotourism in Vietnam

Ecotourism in Vietnam has a lot to offer from picturesque landscapes, unique topography to diverse cultures. If you’re keen on ecotourism in Vietnam, why not opt for our customized Mekong Delta tour with a professional local guide and carefully planned traveling schedule? We guarantee an authentic traveling experience in harmony with ecotourism in Vietnam.

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