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Do You Need A Guide in Vietnam

Do you need a guide in Vietnam? Our answer is yes. You can travel DIY for sure, but there are many perks of having a tour guide in Vietnam that traveling by yourself can never satisfy. Read on more to know what these perks are, types of guide and price in Vietnam, and tips on getting a guide that’ll ensure you unforgettable memories.

Do You Need A Guide in Vietnam? Yes, and Here’s Why

Local Perspective

The biggest advantage that a tour guide brings is their knowledge about the country, ranging from text-book information to more personal outlooks on the local’s way of life. With a tour guide, you can easily get interesting facts that aren’t on the internet and a Vietnamese take on history, entertainment, etc. Moreover, they can show you the local’s etiquette, like how to enjoy Vietnamese signature coffee!

guide in vietnam 1

It takes skills to drink Vietnamese coffee like a pro

guide in vietnam 2

Want to know how Vietnamese handle these? Book a local tour guide!

Immediate Help

One of the biggest reasons that you should have a tour guide is their practical support. They can be your on-hand translator/interpreter in case you want to order dishes that you can’t pronounce or speak to friendly street vendors. They can also warn you of scams or help you bargain, which is common in Vietnam’s shopping culture. 

guide in vietnam 3

Local tour guides can be your interpreter

Good Company

This is especially true for those who are traveling alone. While exploring a new country by yourself is fun, being with someone who can show you all the hidden gems in the city brings a different kind of joy. Besides, not anyone can make friends immediately on a trip, and at that time, your local tour guide might be your first local friend!

guide in vietnam 4

Hiring a local tour guide is an ideal way to support the local community, as well

Do You Need A Guide in Vietnam – Types of Guide and Price

The two most common choices of guide in Vietnam are:

Cross-country Guide: They are guides for multiple-day tours, usually throughout various neighboring areas in Vietnam or even a cross-country exploration.
Price range: Depends on the length and destinations of the trip
Insurance: Yes
Recommended for: First-time visitors in Vietnam who wish to see the most popular attractions. Those who have little time and a bigger pocket can also opt for this choice since it requires no planning.

On-site Guide: Every city in Vietnam has a collection of enthusiasts, wanting to provide foreign friends with an in-depth local experience of their home town. These may be guides from tour companies or keen students who are all in love with the city’s way of life.
Price range: US$ 40 – US$ 100 (It’s cheaper to opt for student guides)
Insurance: Mostly yes
Recommended for: Those who already familiar with Vietnam or seek to explore the hidden sides of the country. Tours with on-site guides offer you flexible options, meaning that you can fully customize your experience!

Is it worth signing up for a Free Guided Tour?

guide in vietnam 5

Local on-site guides will give you the best motorbike tour

Do You Need A Guide in Vietnam – Tips on Choosing A Great Guide

  • Search for established tour companies in Vietnam
  • Do careful research on the tour company’s services, their pricing, and past customers’ reviews
  • See what is included in the price
  • Ask for their detailed itinerary and check the destinations beforehand to see if there’s anything you don’t like
  • If it’s a food tour, tell them whether you have any allergies/preferences/special diets
  • Always book a tour with insurance
  • Read up on precautions for different kinds of tours
  • In Vietnam, the tour guides are mostly English-speaking guides

guide in vietnam 6

For a local food tour, check with the tour company first to know what you’ll get

Sign up for travel insurance plan when visiting Vietnam:


Do You Need A Guide in Vietnam – Our Conclusion

A tour guide in Vietnam isn’t a must, but they can be a happy addition to your journey to this far Eastern land. With careful research, you’ll find yourself a guide who isn’t just helpful, but also friendly for your amazing time in our country. 

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

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