VietnamShoppingDo You Love to Shop? Here's What to Buy in Vietnam

Do You Love to Shop? Here’s What to Buy in Vietnam

Did you know that the country of Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups? This diversity provides a wide number of various objects and knick-knacks for you to buy when you visit this remarkable country.If you love to shop and you’re wondering what to buy in Vietnam, we have outlined the top five favorite products of tourists who visit the country. Keep reading for a deeper dive into what to buy in Vietnam.


One of the most interesting things you’ll find in Vietnam is its silk. You can buy a silk scarf or even purchase a silk painting, which is a traditional form of art in Vietnam.

Some tourists have even had a tailor create an entire suit made out of silk for them. You’ll find many different patterns and colors as well as looms stitching the clothes right before your eyes!

If there’s one product that’s worth bringing back to your home country, it’s silk!

“Do” paper postcards

Postcards and journals made from “do” paper come from Vietnam’s bark of the Do tree. This is a tree located on the riverbanks in local towns. Now that more modern standards for making paper have overtaken the industry, “do” paper is less common.

Today, this paper is only used in ethnic greeting cards, postcards, paintings, and bamboo-bound notebooks.

When wondering where and what to buy in Vietnam, the “do” paper postcards may be your best bet. You can find these postcards or notebooks in local bookstores.

Vietnamese embroidery

Embroidery from Vietnam is a strong tradition of Vietnamese men and women. In fact, schools in this country teach young students to embroider clothes and items.

Embroidery in the country has both a basis for the economy as well as a social activity for Vietnamese women.

You can find a variety of different embroidered products such as purses, pouches, clothes, or table linen. In fact, you can even purchase embroidered artwork to be framed!

Coffee straight from Vietnamese coffee plantations

Coffee in Vietnam has a particular flavor and is stronger than coffee found in other countries. You can enjoy the beverage in any coffee shop throughout Vietnam while also munching on delicious Vietnamese food.

When buying coffee to take back home, you may need to buy specific tools to prepare the drink as specified by Vietnamese custom.

While a small bag of 100g of “Trung Nguyen” coffee will cost you around $4.00 USD, other brands may be less expensive.


Still wondering what to buy in Vietnam? The AO DAI dress!

The AO DAI dress is a traditional dress that is known worldwide as the standard clothing for women in Vietnamese culture. This is a tight-fitting long dress that women wear over a long pair of pants.

The dress costs approximately $32.00 USD for a standard finished product but will cost more if you’re looking for a custom-made AO DAI dress with embellishments.

And there you have it. If you’re traveling to Vietnam and you love to shop for local trinkets and souvenirs, you can search for silk, postcards, embroidery, and more!

Let us know what you’re planning to buy in the comments below!

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