VietnamBeachesDay Trip to Can Gio: Worth it or Skip it?

Day Trip to Can Gio: Worth it or Skip it?

You have a day free and wonder where to spend your precious day. Why not try a day trip to Can Gio? Although Can Gio is not a famous destination when mentioning Ho Chi Minh City travel, having a day trip to Can Gio is still worth it. In this guide, we will tell you why.

How to Get to Can Gio for a Day Trip

Can Gio is just about 50 km away from Ho Chi Minh City’s center, so it is a good idea to have a day trip to Can Gio if you want a short trip to stuff in your busy schedule. There are many transportation to go to Can Gio since it is relatively near. The two popular ways are by bus and by motorbike.

By bus

From the city center, you can get bus no. 20 or 75 to get to Binh Khanh Ferry. Then, you take the ferry to Can Gio District and continue to get another bus to Can Gio Beach.

By motorbike

The journey by motorbike is straightforward. You go straight from Huynh Tan Phat Street to Binh Khanh Ferry. Then, you take the ferry to reach Can Gio and continue your journey to Sac Forest (Rung Sac). The road is about 40 km long. Finally, you will reach Can Thanh Town, the center of Can Gio District, and Can Gio Beach. But you must know the precautions for driving a motorbike in Vietnam.

What to Do in a Day Trip to Can Gio

Vam Sat Ecopark

Location: Tieu khu 15A, Ly Nhon Ward, Can Gio District
Touring price:
VND 310,000 – VND 925,000/stream package (depends on group size)
VND 75,000 – VND 280,000/on-land package (depends on group size)

Vam Sat Ecopark was established in 1979 thanks to a campaign to re-grow the trees. Until 1999, Vam Sat Ecopark was under the management of Phu Tho Tourist to do tourism activities. Since then, Vam Sat Ecopark has attracted thousands of tourists every year. In Vam Sat Ecopark, you will have a chance to explore the forest on a boat. The guide will take you through the woods and introduce you to different species of trees and animals living there. This will engage nature lovers who are interested in ecotourism.

Monkey Island

Location: Rung Sac, Long Hoa Ward, Can Gio District
Entrance fee: VND 35,000/person

Monkey Island is the habitat of more than 2,000 wild monkeys, but it is quite familiar to human beings. When visiting Monkey Island, you will have a chance to witness the daily life of monkeys, including how they eat, sleep, and beg you for food and gifts. Some monkeys there are very nice, while some are very naughty. You should mind your belongings when playing with the monkeys. Otherwise, they will get your stuff right away.

30/4 Beach

Location: Long Hoa Ward, Can Gio District

30/4 beach is the only beach located in Ho Chi Minh City. It is recognized as a green oasis of the city, which attracts many citizens to vacation on the weekend. Since it is not so far from the city, it is the ideal place for escaping the noise and the busyness of the city to have a picnic. What is special at 30/4 Beach is that the sand here is black. This color is because of the particular geographical condition, not because it is polluted. Therefore, you needn’t worry about this when playing on the beach.

day trip to can gio beach

30/4 beach in Can Gio

Hang Duong Market

Location: Thanh Thoi, Long Hoa, Can Gio

Hang Duong Market is where the locals gather all the seafood they fish and sell them super fresh and cheap. You can walk around the market to see all the ingredients you can find and then pick some of your favorite ones and ask the seller to cook them for you. 30/4 beach, located nearby, will wait for you with a sandy and breezy beach where you can enjoy delicious seafood with your friends and family. The price is about VND 100,000/kg (depending on the types of seafood and the season).

day trip to can gio hang duong

Hang Duong Market

Why You Should and Should Not Take a Day Trip to Can Gio

Although there is a huge potential for ecotourism in Can Gio, it is not exploited appropriately. The tourism service is not well-developed and well-maintained, which may cause inconveniences and disappointment for some visitors. Besides, the color of the sand on the beach sometimes hampers people from fully enjoying the sea.

Look for quality hotels in Can Gio below:

However, Can Gio is a part of Ho Chi Minh City and not far away from the city center. Therefore, you can always have a day trip to Can Gio whenever you are free. As mentioned above, it is also easy to reach Can Gio by bus or motorbike. Moreover, Can Gio offers you various places to visit. Besides the destinations mentioned, there are still many other cultural sites, such as Ca Ong Temple (a temple to worship big fish like the whale, believed to be a god of the sea).

Some Thoughts on Day Trip to Can Gio: Worth it or Skip it?

A day trip to Can Gio can be as enjoyable as any trip to other well-known tourist attractions for a picnic or outing off the city center. There are beaches, cultural sights, ecotourism, and delicious seafood. Even though the tourism services are not well-developed, if you haven’t visited the place, try it if you are looking for something unconventional in a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City. Don’t expect too much, though, as you might be disappointed.

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