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Day Trip to Ba Vi National Park in Hanoi

What’s a better way to enjoy a weekend break than going into nature? If you’re in Hanoi and stuck with the decision of where to go or limited time, don’t worry, options are available. One of them is Ba Vi National Park, situated in Ba Vi District. It’s a great mini version of Da Lat with its unique touches. This is our ultimate guide to a day trip to Ba Vi National Park in Hanoi!

Overview of Ba Vi National Park

ba vi national park map
Map of Ba Vi National Park
  • Location: 65 kilometers to the West of Hanoi city center, in Ba Vi District, Hanoi
  • Total area: 114,600,000 square meters
  • The name “Ba Vi” means “three mountains”: Dinh Vua (1,296 meters), Tan Vien (1,226 meters), and Ngoc Hoa (1,131 meters)
  • Main landscape: tropical forests and mountains with a cloudy backdrop
  • Best time to visit: June to November to take full advantage of the cool atmosphere
  • Entrance ticket: VND 40,000/person; extra VND 10,000/person for private-owned flower parks

A Detailed Schedule of a Day Trip to Ba Vi National Park in Hanoi

The Preparation

day trip to ba vi national park 2
Camping in Ba Vi National Park is perfect for a group hangout

Just as any other trips, being well-prepared may help to significantly increase your day trip to Ba Vi experience. You should plan what to do and where to go with a detailed timetable.

Should you decide to go camping, remember to bring adequate camping gear as well as food. In terms of clothing, bring light and breathable items if you intend to go jogging. Bug repellent and sunscreen will also protect you from the flying nuisances and the sun.

The Morning

Breakfast (1 hour)

It’s never a bad idea to get you full before embarking on a day trip to Ba Vi National Park. There’re plenty of breakfast options to start a day here in Hanoi: a piping hot bowl of Pho, freshly steamed Banh Cuon, Banh Gio or Xoi Xeo. After getting a full stomach, a cup of Vietnamese Egg Coffee will go a long way in keeping you energized and alert.

The Journey (2 hours 30 minutes – 3 hours 30 minutes)

Getting to Ba Vi National Park itself is an integrally enjoyable experience. As soon as you get out of the city on the Thang Long Express Highway, you’ll immediately notice the drastic changes in the landscape and the environment. Skyscrapers, densely located houses disappear, making way for ricefields, rivers, and mountains – a whole new Hanoi that you’ve never seen before.

day trip to ba vi national park 4
The hillside routes in Ba Vi National Park

To get to Ba Vi National Park, there’re three options:

Bus: Budget-friendly but may take longer. Take bus number 71 from My Dinh Station to get to Son Tay Station, from that, bus number 110 will take you right to Ba Vi National Park.

Find bus tickets to travel around Hanoi here:

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Taxi: This option is more pricey but more reliable. A taxi will take you directly to Ba Vi National Park and may cost about VND 700,000 – VND 800,000/way. Using Grab or Gojek with discount codes will help reduce the price.

Personal transportation: Flexible but may be dangerous if the driver’s not familiar with the routes (especially with motorbikes). Only go for this option if you fully understand the Vietnam Traffic Laws and you’re confident with the driving skills. Fee for motorbike rental in Hanoi: VND 100,000 – VND 250,000/day.

Note: There’re no parking slots available at the entrance and you can drive your vehicles up the hills of Ba Vi National Parks. Remember to check the break, especially when traveling down the slopes.

Rest and Prepare for Lunch (2 hours)

Once you get to Ba Vi National Park, the exploration begins! Take some time to stretch your arms and legs, go about to get a gist of the park, then plan what you want to do. If you want to go camping, we suggest going all the way to the top of the park and set up a base among the pine forest. In case you don’t bring any food, there’re restaurants at the entrance, serving local delicacies such as bamboo-cooked rice and roasted chickens. They also offer camping gear for rent.

day trip to ba vi national park 5
The bamboo-cooked rice and roasted chicken

Afternoon Activities (3 – 4 hours)

Here is our list of things to do to enjoy a day trip to Ba Vi National Park:

Go for a Hike

The hills at Ba Vi National Park are not very steep but they are still challenging enough for hikers, and the chilly atmosphere is something you don’t get very often in big cities like Hanoi. You can find a parking slot about midway to the top (VND 10,000/bike or VND 50,000/car).

Visit the Cactus Garden

It’s situated about 1 kilometer from the entrance of Ba Vi National Park. The garden’s a collection of various species of cactus, all protected by a glass dome (VND 10,000/person).

Admire the Ngoc Hoa Cave

Located at the base of Ngoc Hoa Mountain in Ba Vi National Park, it’s a beautiful cave carved by geological movement in thousands of years.

Take Pictures with Wild Sunflowers

Wild sunflowers are the icon of Ba Vi National Park, only bloom from late October to December. It covers the whole hillside of the park in a vibrant yellow hue.

Stop by the Old French Cathedral

At the altitude of 600 – 800 meters, there are still remnants of the French architectures from the colonial period. One of them is a cathedral that’s still fully intact. It’s perfect for those seeking a nostalgic feeling.

day trip to ba vi national park 8
The French Cathedral stands amidst the forest

The Evening

After exploring the Ba Vi National Park, you can choose to stay there for the night, go back to Hanoi city center, or start a new journey to other nearby provinces such as Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, or visit Son Tay District. That’s the end of a day trip to Ba Vi.

Here’s a list of accommodations near Ba Vi National Park for your reference:

day trip to ba vi national park 9

Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat (See more details here)

day trip to ba vi national park 10

Ba Vi Homestead (See more details here)

day trip to ba vi national park 11

May Tropical Villas (See more details here)

Look for other accommodations near Ba Vi National Park:

Tips for a Day Trip to Ba Vi National Park in Hanoi

  • Drive safely: If you decide to travel to Ba Vi National Park yourself, keep it slow and steady up and down the hills. Check the mirrors, especially at the sharp turns.
  • Mind your fire: Camping is fun but accidentally lighting a forest on fire is not. So remember to put out the fire before you leave.
  • Should there be any troubles, call the Ba Vi Ranger Hotline: (+84) 987 165 113 – (+84) 913 301 038.

Enjoy Your Day Trip to Ba Vi National Park in Hanoi

Ba Vi National Park is a perfect retreat for Hanoi dwellers and expats, thanks to its proximity to the city, chilly atmosphere, and the incredible view of lush green mountains and jungles. Needless to say, we highly recommend you check it out to explore a whole new side of Hanoi!

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