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Coming back to Vietnam in 2022

Traveling brings a lot of joy, and it gets even more enjoyable when the destination is Vietnam. This joy stretches from the diverse ethnic groups to the soaring mountains rising above vibrant waterways and unending rice paddies. Vietnam is known for its cheap and excellent street food and incredible train, bus, and flight transport system.

Vietnam has challenges like busy roads, pushy vendors, and fraud like other countries. Next Vacay provides tips on what to do in Vietnam for tourists coming back to this country in 2022. Following these tips will enable you to avoid any challenges and get the most out of your visit with happy memories.

Be Open

The Vietnamese are amiable people. The long exposure of this country to foreigners shows that most of its citizens are not curious about visitors. Also, the majority of Vietnamese cannot speak or understand English well, but they are always willing to help however they can. If you gently ask a Vietnamese local with a smile, you will likely receive a smile in the response.

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Stay Connected

Most cafes, hotels, and restaurants have WiFi, and one can easily get a SIM card and stay connected to the internet for as low as $3. A local phone number is also necessary to get in touch with the tour guides. The streets of Vietnam are known to be quite tricky quite many intertwining alleys, so digital maps are recommended for visitors.

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Be Careful of Taxi Scams in Vietnam

For many foreigners, a taxi is a preferred way to see the beautiful streets of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi city. Knowing points and where you are going is the best protection against taxi scams.

For regulars coming back to Vietnam in 2022, you should stick to these major companies–Vinasun and Mai Linh, both of which have accessible apps so you can look up the routes and fares beforehand. Other useful ride-hailing apps in Vietnam are Grab, Gojek, and Be, which allow you to book either a motorbike ride or a taxi.

Be Careful on the Road

Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi can be terrifying at a glance. Crossing the streets during rush hours can seem impossible because the traffic inevitably glides around you. You can raise your hands as the locals do to be seen above the tons of helmets.

If you wish to drive a motorcycle yourself, don’t forget to wear a helmet and always be cautious of exhaust pipes as they may cause leg burn. Motorcycles go close to one another so ensure that your feet point inwards or wear closed shoes for extra protection of your feet.

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Be Alert in the Neighborhoods

In Vietnam, crimes like snatching and pickpocketing sometimes occur, and firearms are currently not highly regulated, so it’s essential to be vigilant. Using phones and other expensive gadgets outside or at the back of a motorcycle is risky as well.

Also, Vietnam is known to have some of the cheapest beers in the world, so be careful not to overdrink. A drunk tourist wandering back to the hotel even early in the day can be seen as an easy target.

Conclusion on Coming back to Vietnam in

Vietnam is more than just a country. It’s an experience, and it’s awesome over there!!

Vietnam’s hospitality is second to none, and you should look forward to experiencing it once in a lifetime. So why the delay? Plan to visit this beautiful country and get lost in pleasure!

We believe you have been convinced to visit Vietnam or return to this beautiful country. Thanks for reading!

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