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Co-working Spaces in Hanoi

Hanoi has always been charming and dynamic, which makes it excellent for digital nomads or start-up entrepreneurs. Besides the famous attractions and the distinctive culinary, business opportunities are always embraced in Hanoi. If you are seeking co-working spaces in Hanoi, there is a handful of decent addresses to choose from.

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Co-working Spaces in Hanoi – TOONG

Toong claims to be the first work environment developer in Indochina and has gained “the most experienced” co-working space position in Vietnam. Known for its human-centric values, Toong provides an expansive range of services, from co-working space and enterprise consultancy to asset management. There are a lot of services and membership packages available, you can check these out on their website for further information about amenities and add-ons.



Working hours: 8 AM – 8 PM (Studio: 24/7 with conditions applied)

Average fee: (for day-tripper) VND 150,000/day

co working spaces in Hanoi toong 1

co working spaces in Hanoi toong 2

Different locations bear different visions and storylines, these are often expressed through Toong’s architectural style

Co-working Spaces in Hanoi – UPGen

UPGen always prioritizes professionalism and aims to create a “co-working 2.0” space. UPGen claims to “eliminate (almost) all stressors” related to space that may affect our productivity and eventually create innovative workplaces that help their members stay focused and inspired. Thanks to a network of partners who are successful entrepreneurs and investors, UPGen often holds events or talk shows to help new developers.



Working hours: 24/7

Average fee: (flexible package) VND 300,000/3 days

co working spaces in Hanoi upgen 1

co working spaces in Hanoi upgen 2

UPGen bears a creative, innovative, and holistic approach to workplaces

Co-working Space in Hanoi – HanoiHub

HanoiHub is an open co-working space that supports business growth of any stages with their professional services and dynamic vibe. This co-working space is customized according to the users’ needs, whether they want to work in a more open, energetic space or a quiet, personal space.

Address: 2, Valley 9, Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District


Working hours: 8 AM – 9:30 PM

Average fee:

  • Hub Visitor: VND 120,000/day
  • Hub Surfer: VND 70,000/3 hours

co working spaces in Hanoi hanoihub 1

Their expansion of quality food and beverage is always ready to keep your brain well-functioned

co working spaces in Hanoi hanoihub 2

The individual spaces for solo workers are well-equipped with stationeries

Co-working Space in Hanoi – KiCoworking

KiCoworking is currently the biggest co-working space in Hanoi with an aim to renovate the co-working culture in Vietnam. Their spectacular features include an expansive, open working space with well-equipped facilities, high-quality entertainment areas, restrooms, and a decent pantry. All contribute to creating a renovating ecosystem to motivate and support start-up entrepreneurs or corporations to connect and thrive.

Address: 4th Floor, Building T2, Times Tower, 35 Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan District


Working hours: 24/7

Average price:

  • Flexible: VND 120,000/day
  • Meeting room (4-6 people): VND 150,000/hour

co working spaces in Hanoi kico 1

KiCoworking takes advantage of its expansive space to create a vibrant and inspirational working environment

co working spaces in Hanoi kico 2

Sufficient and quality facilities to prevent any inconvenience while working

Co-working Spaces in Hanoi – CoGo

CoGo is now the most famous co-working space in Hanoi with the greatest number of members that are freelancers or digital nomads. At CoGo, they thrive to create a network of partnerships for start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors to support each other and grow.



Working hours: 8:30 AM – 9 PM

Average fee: VND 100,000/day

co working spaces in cogo 1

co working spaces in cogo 2

Seats at CoGo are arranged logically, according to functions and privacy

Co-working Spaces in Hanoi – Y-Nest

Y-Nest focuses on a green, modernized working space that is friendly with nature and encourages greener lifestyles. Their facilities are also well-equipped and functional with numerous additional amenities.

Address: 4th Floor, Hoa Binh Green City, 505 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District


Working hours: 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Average price: (Y-Daily) VND 120,000/day

co working spaces in ynest 1

Individual seats at Y-Nest

co working spaces in ynest 2

Meeting rooms are covered by glasses to create a more open and friendly working environment

Our Take on Co-working Spaces in Hanoi

Hanoi is a great place to seek business opportunities, as a result, do not hesitate to visit these best co-working spaces in Hanoi to fulfill your brains with creativity and inspiration. If you are on a short business trip, check out our blog on Top Business Hotels in Hanoi and Vietnam’s MICE Tourism.

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