VietnamHo Chi MinhCho Lon Mosque in District 5

Cho Lon Mosque in District 5

In District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City stood a beautiful architectural, cultural, and religious site called Cho Lon Mosque. Even though the area is famous for being the China Town, the mosque is representative of the Muslim community in Vietnam. Let’s find out why this mosque is well-loved by both locals and tourists!

Islam In Vietnam And In Ho Chi Minh City

Of all the religions in Vietnam, Islam has one of the fewest followers. There are only 0.1% of the Vietnamese population who are Muslims, and most of them are Cham people. They live predominantly in Central Vietnam (Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan Province), where they practice Bani Islam (a combination of Islam and Brahmin), and in Southern Vietnam (An Giang, Tay Ninh, Dong Nai Province, and Ho Chi Minh City) where Cham Islam (similar to Islam) dominates.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the Muslim community lives in Districts 6, 8, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, and a part of District 5 that borders District 1. Many small-to-average mosques are located around these areas too.

Muslims in Vietnam follow the halal diet strictly so many halal restaurants can be found within the mosques’ vicinity, to serve the followers and also visitors (mainly from India).

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cho lon mosque district 5 1

There is a tasty halal restaurant and a cafe inside Cho Lon mosque

How To Get To Cho Lon Mosque In District 5

Address: 641, Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 11, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
Google Map location: Cho Lon Mosque
Opening hours: the prayer hall opens at noon
Entrance fee: None
Caution: Wear appropriate clothing while visiting the mosque: no revealing clothes and cover your hair if you want to visit the main prayer hall.

You can either catch a taxi, or a bus or ride a motorbike to Cho Lon mosque.
Nearby bus stops: you can take both bus number 1 and 54 to these stops

  • Ho Chi Minh University of Physical Education and Sports
  • Cho Lon Electronics Supermarket

Parking: free parking inside Cho Lon mosque’s grounds for
motorbike and bike.

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cho lon mosque district 5 2

Remember to take off your shoes at the entrance to Cho Lon mosque.

Architecture Of Cho Lon Mosque In District 5

Cho Lon mosque (or Cho Lon Jamial mosque is one of the top mosques in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to its minimal but gorgeous architecture and striking blue paint. It was built in 1932 to serve Muslims who immigrated from India but has turned out to serve the Malaysian and Indonesian Muslim communities in the area since 1975.

cho lon mosque district 5 3

Cho Lon mosque has a small entrance that’s hidden behind trees so you should look carefully.

cho lon mosque district 5 4

There was a pool inside the courtyard for ritual ablutions (ritual cleansing before praying), but it is now used as a fish pond.

cho lon mosque district 5 5

The corridor (or “sahn”) is wide enough to cater for large groups of visitors.

cho lon mosque district 5 6

Many doors lead from the corridor into the main prayer hall. The doors are wide, and tall, and are decorated with vivid-colored glasses.

cho lon mosque district 5 7

About 3 times a week, the mosque holds a night Arabic class.

cho lon mosque district 5 8

Several clocks hanging on the wall show the salah times of the day.

cho lon mosque district 5 9

Stars and crescents are prominent decorations of a mosque. Stars represent adherence to Allah’s will, and crescents stand for Islamic calendars.

cho lon mosque district 5 10

Mosques are usually embellished with many types of floral patterns.

cho lon mosque district 5 11

Cho Lon mosque has two towers, called minarets, that are attached to the mosque. It serves to announce the call to prayer and a reminder of Islam’s power.

cho lon mosque district 5 12

The inside of the main prayer hall with the mihrab – a niche in the wall that indicates the direction to where Mecca is.

cho lon mosque district 5 13

cho lon mosque district 5 14

The outside and inside of the prayer hall for women. The women’s prayer hall is separated from the men’s.

cho lon mosque district 5 15

A man is doing his ritual ablutions under the faucet beside the fish pond.

Final Thoughts On Cho Lon Mosque In District 5

Though Muslims is not a large community in Vietnam, it is one of the oldest and has one of the most colorful religious life, so a visit to the mosque is a must on any trip around the city.

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