VietnamBuying a Motorbike in Vietnam? Read Our Precautions

Buying a Motorbike in Vietnam? Read Our Precautions

Once coming to Vietnam’s major cities, you will never forget the chaotic streets packed with numerous motorbikes. Interestingly, this two-wheeled vehicle does a very good job of triggering your adventurous self, so if you have gone for it and felt like owning one, here are our precautions on buying a motorbike in Vietnam. 

Overview of Buying A Motorbike in Vietnam

Motorbikes may not be the most affordable way to travel but it is always among Vietnam’s most prevalent transportations. However, buying motorbikes in Vietnam is not a simple task! There are many stolen or low-quality motorbikes on the market, so you should be careful while assessing the vehicle to avoid unexpected consequences. Besides, be aware of certain criteria that you have to meet to own a motorbike.

buying a motorbike in vietnam original bike

Motorbikes are easily seen on Vietnam’s streets

Requirements for Buying A Motorbike in Vietnam

In Vietnam, foreigners are allowed to buy and register ownership of motorbikes. However, there are some requirements:

1. You must be a foreigner working in diplomatic missions, consular offices, and international organizations, or a foreigner working or living in Vietnam (permanently or temporarily staying for one year or more).

2. Once you have bought a motorbike, you shall carry out the vehicle registration procedure at the Traffic Police Department of the province or city where you reside. Here are the documents you’ll need to prepare:

a. Vehicle registration declaration

The vehicle owner is responsible for signing all contents specified in the vehicle registration certificate. Sign, clearly state the owner’s full name and stamp if it is an organization.

b. Papers of the motorbike owner

Foreigners working in diplomatic missions, consular offices, and representative offices of international organizations:

  • Present diplomatic or official identity cards (still valid);
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the State Protocol Department or the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Foreigners working or living in Vietnam:

  • Present a Passport (still valid) or other valuable papers instead of Passport; permanent residence card or temporary residence card of one year or more, and a work permit;
  • Submit a recommendation letter from a competent Vietnamese organization or agency.

c. Papers of the vehicle

Documents of vehicle ownership transfer, including sales invoice as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance;

Documents of vehicle registration fee: Receipt or paper of remittance to the state budget in cash or check via the State Treasury (certified by the State Treasury that has received the money) or the money order from the bank;

Documents of vehicle origins, such as vehicles imported under commercial contracts, duty-free cars, special-use vehicles with 0% tax rate, project aid vehicles: Declaration of origin of cars; imported motorbikes.

buying a motorbike in vietnam bike2

A certificate of motorbike ownership

Note: if you’re unsure about the paperwork, don’t hesitate to ask the showroom where you buy your motorbike for assistance/instruction.

Popular Models and Brands of Motorbikes in Vietnam

Honda and Yamaha are the most popular motorbike brands in Vietnam, so they have many service centers. Thus, it would be easier for you to repair if the motorbike breaks down. Here are some popular models of the aforementioned brands:

Air Blade (Honda)

Having a tough design with angled headlights and dark colors, Air Blade easily captivates the majority of Vietnamese customers thanks to its neat design, accompanied by a reasonable price for a mid-range scooter.

Price range: VND 38,000,000 – VND 42,000,000

Engine: 125cc

buying a motorbike in vietnam ab

It mainly targets male drivers

Lead (Honda)

Introduced as a high-end scooter, Lead has what it takes to be a wonderful companion for ladies. What makes it special is the outstanding advantage of space with a volume of up to 37 liters. Besides, the saddle is not high so you can easily control the motorbike.

Price range: VND 38,000,000 – VND 42,000,000

Engine: 100cc

buying a motorbike in vietnam lead

If you are a scrupulous person who loves carrying many items, Lead is an ideal choice

Wave (Honda)

Appearing in Vietnam from the early years of the 21st century, Honda Wave quickly became a “national” model thanks to many advantages such as the durable engine, stylish design, and ability to save gasoline. The price of a Wave was quite cheap compared to the average level of motorcycles in Vietnam.

Price range: VND 17,000,000 – VND 25,000,000

Engine: 100cc

buying a motorbike in vietnam wave

Back in the 90s, Wave was considered as a family fortune

Sirius (Yamaha)

First appeared in 1999, right after Yamaha inaugurated its factory in Vietnam, this model easily attracts many people thanks to its sporty and masculine design. Over the past 20 years, Yamaha Sirius has been continuously upgraded by the Japanese automaker in terms of engine and appearance.

Price range: VND 21,000,000 – VND 24,000,000

Engine: 110cc or 115cc

buying a motorbike in vietnam sirius

Sirius is mostly used by students due to its proactive appearance and reasonable price

Tips for Buying A Motorbike in Vietnam

  • Carefully check every part of the motorbike, especially the engine, the gas gauge, headlights, horn, turn indicators, and taillights;
  • To ensure the quality of your motorbike, buy one from a showroom instead of a pawnshop or online merchandise;
  • If you opt for a second-hand motorbike, ask the seller for his/her certificate of ownership;
  • Most showrooms require you to deposit and wait for a week or more to receive your motorbike.

buying a motorbike in vietnam honda

Honda showroom

Honda Showroom:

buying a motorbike in vietnam yamaha

Yamaha showroom

Yamaha Showroom:

Summary of Buying A Motorbike in Vietnam

Now, are you ready to reach the nearest showroom and pick your favorite motorbike? If you find our precautions helpful or want to share more information, please let us know by inserting comments down below.

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