VietnamHo Chi MinhBuu Long Pagoda in District 9

Buu Long Pagoda in District 9

At first glance, many would mistake Buu Long Pagoda as a Thai pagoda because of its primary yellow color. However, built in 1942, this place is a fusion of Southeast Asian architecture (namely Thailand and India) and the signatures of the Nguyen dynasty in Vietnam. Since Buu Long Pagoda is quite far from the city center, the peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous landscape here create a perfect sanctuary from the hectic living pace of the city.

buu long pagoda building 2

Buu Long Pagoda has the same structure as Thailand’s pagodas

Where is Buu Long Pagoda

Buu Long Pagoda is located in District 9 – a suburban area of Ho Chi Minh City, which shows an entirely different side of the bustling city. This pagoda is built on a hill that is perfect for explore or even a little hiking.

buu long pagoda building 1

Buu Long Pagoda is still a famous attraction despite the long distance from the city center

Address: 81 Nguyen Xien street, District 9.

Opening time: Morning: 8 AM – 11 AM; Afternoon: 2 PM – 5 PM

How to Get to Buu Long Pagoda

Even for locals, it is tough to reach the pagoda because there is no specific bus stop or other public transportation going straight here, so the best option is taking a taxi. Or better yet, find a trustworthy local guide and embark on a Ho Chi Minh Motorbike Tour to explore this structure of wonders.

The Architecture of Buu Long Pagoda

Having the same doctrine as Thailand’s Buddhism, which is Theravada Buddhism, Buu Long Pagoda is well-known for having a similar style to Thailand’s architecture. But according to Vien Minh Abbacy, this pagoda also has some Vietnamese signature patterns like dragons and cranes. The central tower reaching 56-meter high was constructed as the top of a palace, which suits magically with the yellow color.

buu long pagoda building

The main tower is huge with a lake in the front

buu long pagoda lake

The lake compliments greatly to the pagoda’s background

The main tower has two bell towers on each side, and it has a large lake on the front. If you go around, you can see a lot of statues on the walls. The garden at the back is a vast area where tourists can take a walk to enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

buu long pagoda tower

One of the bell towers on the left of the pagoda

buu long pagoda architecture

buu long pagoda statue 1

The unique style of Buu Long Pagoda’s architecture

What to See at Buu Long Pagoda

buu long pagoda lake 1

The lake brings fresh air to the pagoda

buu long pagoda stair

A dragon head is combined into the pagoda’s design

Buu Long Pagoda faces to Dong Nai river so if you go on the top of the tower, you can see the river flows with many boats. Moreover, the view from a high place can let you see how rural District 9 is. Landmark 81 can be seen from afar, indicating that you are very far from the center now.

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buu long pagoda view from above

The rural District 9 can be seen from above

Conclusion on Buu Long Pagoda in District 9

If you want to escape the crowded and noisy urban scene, Buu Long Pagoda is a perfect place for you. Magnificent rows of trees and groves, and the meditation of the monks will give you a healing time.

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