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Budgeting For Your Vietnam Holiday – Ideas For Families

The number of tourists visiting Vietnam increased by 29.1 percent in 2017 over the previous year. That is 12.9 million extra visitors, according to the General Statistics Office. If you’re on a budget and you want to travel to Vietnam with your family, then you need to start at Ho Chi Minh City. Here you will find everything you need and want as long as you are looking for an authentic local experience.

Set a Smart Budget

When planning your holiday you need to first count the cost. Take into account the amount you will need for flights, accommodation and living expenses. When you arrive at your destination you need to make wise budget decisions but still enjoy yourself. Setting a daily limit per person is a good idea, or if your children are old enough include them in the budget setting. Calculate how much money you have for the trip and divide that into the number of days that you’re spending in Vietnam. Then, apportion out the money that you already know you will need- for accommodation and tours. Keep track of your expenditure each day. There are lots of free apps that help you track your spending. Taking advantage of a travel-friendly credit card – with no foreign transaction fees – will increase your confidence by making sure you can account for every cent of your budget.

Sample Local Cuisines for Less

Choosing the right place for your family to eat is fundamental when maintaining a budget in any country you visit, doubly more so in Vietnam. You should always choose local over western. The average amount spent on a single visit to a western-style outlet is 2.5 times higher than a local restaurant. That means if you dine exclusively locally your money will last over twice as long. Look for words like ‘com binh dan’ which translates as ‘rice for the common people’ because here you will be able to enjoy a hot meal at a budget-friendly price.

Enjoy the Cultural Attractions

Ho Chi Minh City has a range of modern and ancient cultural attractions. Maintaining a smart budget when sightseeing is easy. One smart tip is to go on a recommended tour when you first arrive and then set your own agenda for the rest of the stay. Setting your own pace will be exciting and creative and cheap. Try visiting the Saigon Central Post Office – which was built between 1886 and 1891 – it has English speaking staff available to help with information to make the visit more informative. Then, skip over to the Jade Emperor Pagoda – which was built in 1909 to honor the supreme Taoist god. Both inspiring sites are free to enter and unforgettable to see for the whole family.

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Quality accommodation at an affordable price

Staying in Ho Chi Minh City gives you a variety of accommodation options for families. Some of the best hotels in the city fall into the same price bracket of medium quality hotels in other countries, so it is here that you can stretch your budget further. Other options for staying in Vietnam for families are serviced apartments which often include laundry, elevators, and even dry cleaning. Whatever your choice, Vietnam is the place to go for the budget-conscious family who wants a memorable unique experience.

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