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How Blockchain Technology is Used in Vietnam

The ripples of cryptocurrencies in Vietnam and blockchain technology resonate globally, and it has never been easier to get into crypto and web3 with the ability to purchase and view crypto from the convenience of your phone; for example, purchasing crypto using Apple Pay. Vietnam is no different in that regard. The nation is witnessing a surge in technological progress and blockchain adoption. This article delves into blockchain technology’s various applications, challenges, and potential in Vietnam.

Blockchain Integration in Vietnam

Blockchain technology has permeated Vietnam’s market remarkably. Multiple startups, enterprises, and governmental entities probe blockchain’s potential across diverse sectors. Concurrently, the Vietnamese government advances a regulatory infrastructure, fostering blockchain technology development further.

Primary Domains in Vietnam Harnassing Blockchain Technology

Supply Chain Administration

Blockchain’s most promising application in Vietnam lies in supply chain management. Blockchain enhances transparency, traceability, and efficacy by providing a secure, inviolable digital ledger.


Agriculture, a vital sector in Vietnam’s economy, stands to gain from blockchain technology in terms of efficiency and sustainability. In addition, blockchain technology facilitates tracking and validating products’s origins with precise information for consumers.

Finance and Banking

Vietnamese financial and banking industries are examining the potential of blockchain technology. Blockchain can decrease transactional expenses, fortify security, and expedite cross-border payments. Banks like TPBank and Vietcombank collaborate with blockchain firms to devise remittance services and trade finance solutions.

Real Estate

Blockchain technology is scrutinized in real estate to augment transparency, curb fraud, and streamline property transactions. All transaction participants can access identical information by storing property data on a blockchain, rendering the process secure and efficient.

Digital Government Services

The Vietnamese government contemplates blockchain implementation across various digital services. For instance, the Ministry of Finance has embarked on a project utilizing blockchain for tax collection and customs clearance, reducing fraud and enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Prospective Trajectory of Blockchain in Vietnam

Despite the challenges, the future of blockchain technology in Vietnam appears auspicious. Governmental support for technological innovation and the nation’s swift economic growth creates a fertile blockchain development and adoption environment. Moreover, with more entities exploring blockchain’s capabilities, innovative applications will likely emerge in the years ahead.

Instruction and Workforce Evolution

Blockchain Education Enterprises

Numerous education initiatives have emerged in Vietnam to address the demand for greater awareness and understanding of blockchain technology. FPT University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology have incorporated blockchain courses and programs into their curricula. These programs aim to give students a thorough grasp of blockchain technology and its impact on various industries.

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Workforce Advancement and Training Schemes

In addition to formal education, there is a burgeoning requirement for workforce development and training programs in blockchain technology.

Many workshops, seminars, and conferences are being organized nationwide to enlighten businesses, government officials, and the general public about blockchain technology’s potential advantages and applications. These events impart valuable knowledge and foster a network of professionals and enthusiasts within the blockchain sphere, promoting collaboration and innovation.

Blockchain Startups and Investment Prospects in Vietnam

Prominent Vietnamese Blockchain Startups

The mounting interest in blockchain technology within Vietnam has cultivated several startups, leaving their imprint on the global arena. Some noteworthy Vietnamese blockchain startups include:

  • TE-FOOD: A preeminent food traceability solution provider employing blockchain to enhance food safety and mitigate fraud within the supply chain.
  • TomoChain: A scalable blockchain platform striving to provide solutions for decentralized applications, token issuance, and integration.
  • Kyber Network: A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange facilitating seamless token swaps between various platforms.

Investment Opportunities

The expanding adoption of blockchain technology in Vietnam offers local and international investors investment possibilities. As the government persists in endorsing innovation and establishing a regulatory framework for blockchain technology, investors can seize the potential growth within the sector. By investing in blockchain startups, enterprises, and projects, investors can contribute to creating revolutionary solutions that can reshape industries and stimulate economic growth in Vietnam.

Government’s Function in Promoting Blockchain Technology

The Vietnamese government is essential in endorsing blockchain technology and its adoption. By crafting a conducive regulatory climate, supplying financial assistance, and collaborating with the private sector, the government can accelerate the expansion of the blockchain industry in Vietnam. Some government initiatives include:

  • Regulatory Framework: Developing specific and comprehensive regulations that bolster the growth of blockchain technology while ensuring consumer protection and national security.
  • Financial Support: Offering grants, subsidies, and tax incentives to encourage research, development, and adoption of blockchain technology.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Cooperating with the private sector to devise and implement blockchain solutions for various government services and sectors.

Conclusion on Blockchain Technology in Vietnam

Blockchain technology harbors the immense potential to revolutionize diverse industries in Vietnam, contributing to economic progress and technological breakthroughs. With sustained backing from the government, educational institutions, and the private sector, blockchain technology adoption in Vietnam will likely escalate in the coming years. As more individuals become conscious of this technology’s benefits and applications, Vietnam is poised to emerge as a global blockchain innovation and development leader.

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