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Best Walking Areas in Hanoi

As you may already know, Hanoi is a bustling metropolis of Vietnam. Its streets are full of actions, filled with vehicles, and people streaming from all directions. It’s a part of the city’s charm. However, you can still find spaces to stretch your legs amid all that. Read on as we uncover the best walking areas in Hanoi!

Best Walking Areas in Hanoi: Hoan Kiem Lake

best walking areas in hanoi 1

Visiting Hoan Kiem Lake is a must-do when in Hanoi

When it comes to best walking areas in Hanoi, there has to be Hoan Kiem Lake – one of the city’s most known destinations. It’s a complex of three different attractions in one location: The Huc Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple, and Hoan Kiem Lake itself. You can enjoy a peaceful walk on the spacious pavement, decorated with various flowerbeds, to gaze upon the greenish beauty of the trees and the water.

Here’s a list of things you can do around Hoan Kiem Lake:

  1. Visit St. Joseph’s Cathedral
  2. Visit Dinh Le Book Street
  3. Have a Trang Tien ice cream cone
  4. Buy souvenirs
  5. Enjoy art performances and Vietnamese folk games on the weekends

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best walking areas in hanoi 2

The iconic The Huc Bridge

best walking areas in hanoi 3

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Best Walking Areas in Hanoi: Hanoi Old Quarter

best walking areas in hanoi 4

A vendor selling pomelo blossoms

Hanoi Old Quarter boasts a unique fusion of the old and the new, connected by an amazing system of intersecting streets and small alleyways. It’s the center for most of the city’s recreational activities and a popular destination for foreign visitors. Have a stroll down the streets, admire some of Hanoi’s oldest houses, and when you’re tired, indulge the amazing street food, then knock down a few “Bia Hoi”. There couldn’t be a more satisfying experience than that!

Here’s a list of things to do in the Hanoi Old Quarter:

  1. Visit Ly Quoc Su Temple
  2. Admire the Ma May Old House
  3. Try the best foods in the Old Quarter
  4. Have a beer on Ta Hien Street at night
  5. Observe the local way of life

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best walking areas in hanoi 5

Visit Ma May Old House to learn about Hanoi’s traditional homes

best walking areas in hanoi 6

“Bia Hoi” is a local favorite beverage

best walking areas in hanoi cha ca

Cha Ca La Vong – a specialty of Hanoi

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Best Walking Areas in Hanoi: Phung Hung Mural Street

After the train street coffees are closed by the authority due to safety reasons, Phung Hung Mural Street emerged as the next hip location for local youths to socialize with a train view! Open to the public in February 2018, Phung Hung Street is revived with numerous paintings, each fitted in an arch below the train tracks. They celebrate Hanoi’s past by projections of the old trains, vendors, etc… A walk on Phung Hung Street will bring you a nostalgic feeling of the old Hanoi.

Here’s a list of things to do around Phung Hung Mural Street:

  1. Pose with the beautiful murals
  2. Take pictures of the trains
  3. Visit Hang Dau Water Tank

Best Walking Areas in Hanoi: Long Bien Bridge

best walking areas in hanoi 8

Long Bien Bridge is an icon of Hanoi’s past

Dubbed as the “witness of history”, Long Bien Bridge is the oldest bridge in Hanoi. Nowadays, the bridge is still in business, serving millions of people every day. You can take a walk along Long Bien Bridge, watch as locals making their way to the city center and back, vendors selling products from fields right underneath where you’re standing. Here, you can look across the Red River, and on a beautiful day, get a spectacular view of the sunset.

Here’s a list of things to do around Long Bien Bridge:

  1. Take pictures of the bridge
  2. Buy snacks from the streetside vendors
  3. Observe the Red River

best walking areas in hanoi 9

A view of Long Bien Bridge from afar

Best Walking Areas in Hanoi: West Lake

best walking areas in hanoi 10

West Lake is beautiful even on a cloudy day

It’ll be a huge miss if we do not mention West Lake as one of Hanoi’s most pedestrian-friendly locations. Here, the combination of refreshing air, tranquil atmosphere, and captivating scenery makes stretching your legs such a pleasure. Moreover, the West Lake area is crowded with beautiful hotels and amazing restaurants, which is perfect for relaxing after a long walk.

Here’s a list of things to do around the West Lake area:

  1. Visit sacred temples and pagodas
  2. Try West Lake Shrimp Cake and Banh Gio
  3. Having a nice cup of coffee

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a bite 1

Banh Gio is a must-try dish of Hanoi

Tips to Enjoy a Walk in Hanoi

Protect yourself: Hanoi is a city of complex weather that varies throughout the year, so do your research and pack accordingly.

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Get comfortable: Since you’re walking a lot, a comfortable pair of sneakers will be your best chance against sore feet.

Be careful: Always watch both ways before crossing the streets.

Stay alert: Scams and petty crimes can be found in the city, so watch out and keep your belongings within your sight.

Have a Nice Time in the Best Walking Areas in Hanoi!

If you’re a walking enthusiast, include Hanoi in your bucket list of destinations. With each step, you will discover the city’s long-standing history and traditions, hidden deep below the surface of a bustling metropolis. If you find our blog useful, please share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned for more of our in-depth guides into everything Hanoi!

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