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Best Tour Companies in Ho Chi Minh City

If Ho Chi Minh City is your next travel destination, you may have difficulty choosing a suitable tour. Many tours offer different prices, so it is good to know how to tell the best tour companies in Ho Chi Minh City. Read the tips in this guide to help you when you make the decision.

What Makes the Best Tour Companies in Ho Chi Minh City


The most crucial factor that makes excellent tour companies is the safety plan for operating the tours. When traveling to a new place, you are unfamiliar with the environment, and unexpected things could happen and cause harm to you. One of the things a tour operator can do to limit this and protect your safety on a trip is to take an extra step into including insurance on your tours. With insurance, should anything happen, you are still covered and not waste more money than you should.

i Tour Vietnam’s standard safety-tested helmet

One of the most common tours in Ho Chi Minh City is the motorbike tour. Many may find this scary at first because of the complicated traffic system in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides the insurance, as one of the best tour companies in Ho Chi Minh City, I Tour Vietnam provides helmet protection and qualified drivers, which would soon replace your fear with excitement on a smooth journey weaving through the city streets. Please take caution in choosing a legitimate company when participating in anything adventurous.

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Authentic Experience in Ho Chi Minh City

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about new cultures and experience extraordinary things. When doing tours in Ho Chi Minh City, you should try local foods and go on off-the-beaten-path adventures to find hidden gems around this beautiful city. A good tour provider can bring you not only assurance but also excitement, taking you to local places with unique attractions and urban tales

Motorbike private tour – Night adventure tour


Whether you go on the trip alone, with your partner, or with your family or friends, privacy on a tour to spend quality time is critical. To offer low prices, many tours in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam provide join-in tours where you are arranged to travel with people you don’t know in the same car and share one tour guide. On the other hand, with a private tour, you can focus on seeing things at your own pace and asking the certified tour guide questions. You will have the car and tour guide to take you and your groups to your destinations, no need to wait around for other people, and most importantly, spend your valuable time the way you want.

Personalized service

Professional Services

Another thing that makes great tour companies is the professional services. To assist you in experiencing a new culture, having local guides who have wide knowledge about the places you visit and can speak English fluently to explain everything they know to you is a must. We believe in the importance of quality time well spent.

i Tour Vietnam’s tour guides

Also, the knowledge they give and how they plan and prepare the logistics could also affect your overall experience. A well-prepared tour where you can focus on learning new things and relax is always a better choice. In a tropical city like Ho Chi Minh City, unexpected rains are supposed to happen; companies that operate tours in the city are expected to prepare raincoats for such a situation.

Another thing good tour guides and tour companies can do for you is the ability to accommodate your needs or customize the tour to your interest. The time on the itinerary can be flexible, like how you would travel alone, going to the place you want, managing your own time, and avoiding things that would discomfort you.

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How to Find the Best Tour Companies in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Word of mouth: Get direct insights from those who have booked it

Word of mouth is the best way to know the quality of a tour, especially one with many visitors like Ho Chi Minh City. It is a non-sponsored source where you can have direct and true insights into the tour you want to book. Find the people you know who have booked it and hear their advice, recommendations, and comments on their experience.

2. Do your research on the Internet

Even though word of mouth is always the best choice, finding someone you know who can give you true insights is not easy. That is why some travel sites like Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, Petit Fute, Rough Guides, and Viator are created. They include different tour operators and, thus, are sources of information that minimize bias. Ho Chi Minh City is a famous tourist destination, so there should be plenty of recommendations and reviews for you to consider.

3. Read testimonials

Once you have a list of the best tour companies in Ho Chi Minh City, you may want to have another look at their previous customers’ experience. Besides travel sites like Tripadvisor, you can visit their sites or social media to read the reviews. Those are the most common sources where you can gather thoughts from previous customers of tour companies and even share your experience with fellow travelers for their future adventures.

Conclusion on Best Tour Companies in Ho Chi Minh City

To find the best tour operators in Ho Chi Minh City among many travel agencies providing the service, you will need to be sure that they are safe and professional and can give you an authentic experience and private time on the tour. You can find them and check their quality through various channels like word of mouth, travel sites, homepage, and service testimonials from their previous customers.

You may also want to check out our offers at i Tour Vietnam, one of the best tour companies in Ho Chi Minh City, and start your journey with our local guides on the back of the bikes.

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