VietnamBest Nature Retreats in Vietnam

Best Nature Retreats in Vietnam

Despite having a modest size on the world map, Vietnam has uncountable splendid landscapes that boast wonderful characteristics. Whether you are fond of trekking and hiking, or you are in love with swimming in the oceans, here are some suggestions that can satisfy your desire.

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is famous for its interlaced network of rivers and canals, which creates unique biodiversity that is home to lush lands and a great variety of local animals. The river system also provides water for intensive agriculture, which contributes significantly to some of the most scenic paddy fields you’ll see in Vietnam. On top of that, visiting the Mekong Delta will give you access to many Vietnamese fruits you must try in Vietnam.

best nature retreats in vietnam mekong delta 1
The idyllic beauty of Mekong Delta

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best nature retreats in vietnam mekong delta 2
Fresh watermelon on a boat in Mekong Delta

Cat Tien National Park

For adventurers who are also nature-lovers, Cat Tien National Park is the ultimate destination. Exploring the park requires careful preparations as well as good health condition since a lot of trekking is expected. However, Cat Tien is considered the safest place for trekking beginners comparing to other nature retreats in Vietnam that also have dense forests.

best nature retreats in vietnam cat tien national park 1
A lake in Cat Tien National Park

Going through Cat Tien National Park, you can see lots of enormous trees that have lived for hundreds of years or catch sights of endangered animals walking around. The majestic and pristine beauty here would make you feel like you are the main character of an adventurous novel in which you have to look for treasures hidden in a mysterious forest.

best nature retreats in vietnam cat tien national park 2

An adorable bird in the park

Halong Bay

According to Vietnamese myths, Halong Bay is one of the best nature retreats in Vietnam created by help from the Jade Emperor. Halong actually means “the landing dragons” in Vietnamese. It got the name from a story about a mother dragon which has decided to settle down in this area with her babies after supporting the local people to defeat their invaders. The dragons made their own homes which are the complex of isles in Halong Bay.

Besides swimming in the azure seas, for a full experience in Halong Bay, you should explore the outstanding caves, go island-hopping, and immerse in the local’s daily life.

best nature retreats in vietnam halong bay
Early morning in Halong Bay

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Nha Trang

If you are looking for some Vietnamese beaches for a summer getaway, Nha Trang is an excellent choice. The long white-sand beaches, translucent blue sea, and beautiful weather almost all year round are what make Nha Trang the most loved coastal city. There is no better feeling than having some lazy times lying on the beach, under the bright, warm sun before enjoying the cooling water in a calm sea.

best nature retreats in vietnam nha trang 1
Splendid sea of Nha Trang

The system of islands surrounding Nha Trang provides natural shields for the city from storms and bad weather. The population is sparse there, so the beauty is nearly unexploited. It is great for a getaway, and you can also try some newly-caught seafood at a surprisingly affordable price. Many tours of exploring these islands have some other fascinating activities such as snorkeling or swimming in the middle of the sea, which you should not miss out.

best nature retreats in vietnam nha trang 2
Monkey Island in Nha Trang

To know what to do in Nha Trang and how to get there, check out our Nha Trang Travel Guide.

Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a highlands district of Son La province in North Vietnam. As a characteristic of the mountainous climate, the weather here is cool and refreshing all year round. If you are finding some nature retreats in Vietnam, you can come to Moc Chau at any time of the year. However, according to the suggestions of local people and backpackers, the most ideal time to visit this magical land is October – April since it is blooming seasons for many different kinds of enchanting flowers.

best nature retreats in vietnam moc chau 1
Mountain Ebony in Moc Chau

Coming to Moc Chau, you can see a lot of charming flowers such as orchid, mountain ebony, white and yellow oilseed rape flower, and plum blossoms. Most of the flower fields or flower forests here are grown without any interference from humans from sowing, watering to fertilizing or pruning. They all bloom beautifully and spread to miles of hills and mountains by themselves.

best nature retreats in vietnam moc chau 2
An oilseed rape flower field in its blooming season

In case you miss the chance to visit Moc Chau in the most beautiful season of its flower, there are still numerous landscapes waiting for you to see at different times. Mighty mountains, majestic waterfalls, romantic lakes, and forests are what you can expect. Besides natural scenery, endless tea fields in Moc Chau also help make Moc Chau attractive to tourists.

best nature retreats in vietnam moc chau 3
A tea hill in Moc Chau

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Nam Du Island

Just like Moc Chau, Nam Du Island is where people who prefer a vacation without massive crowds can find their inner peace. Nam Du Island, however, offers heavenly beaches and seafood rather than forests and hills.

Nam Du Island is actually an archipelago made up of many isles. Located not far away from Phu Quoc Island – the Pearl of the Gulf of Thailand, Nam Du also has peaceful and gorgeous beaches but the beauty is comparably more virgin and untouched.

best nature retreats in vietnam nam du island 1
The unexploited beauty of the sea in Nam Du Island

With several isles, the only way to go from one place to another is by foot, or in some rare cases, by bike. It is almost impossible to hire a motorbike since firstly, there is no such service in some places, and secondly, the route is not well-made enough to ride safely. It is a great opportunity for you to slow down and empty your mind for a while. Not only can you admire the pristine beauty of the island, but you are also able to capture some amazing photos as well as unforgettable memories.

best nature retreats in vietnam nam du island 2
Visiting Nam Du Island is a great way to immerse with nature

Make sure to make your journey to Nam Du Island from December to March. It is the dry season so it would be more convenient and safe for the transportation to the isles, the weather would also be more enjoyable for you to have some great time by the beach, and seafood would be available at a more variable range.

Summary of Best Nature Retreats in Vietnam

If you are contemplating running away from noisy cities, nature retreats in Vietnam can be interesting choices for your destinations. The country has Mekong Delta for you to see rivers and rice paddies, Halong Bay for mysterious caves, Moc Chau for rugged beauty, and Nha Trang together with Nam Du Island for refreshing beaches.

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