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Beach And Beyond – Ho Chi Minh in Summer

On the edge of the bustling metropolis that is Ho Chi Minh City are miles and miles of high-quality, winding beaches. As The Times newspaper of the UK highlights, one of the most exciting and enjoyable trips you can take in Vietnam will plot a course down the country’s coast, providing many options for travelers. In this, some beaches account for every style of trip, from bustling and vibrant, to family-oriented, to the style of quiet, the trailing experience that appeals to quiet souls.

Finding an Escape

On the quieter end of the scale is the nearby beach Ho Tram. As the Economic Times of India highlights, Ho Tram is hardly an untouched vista, but it does offer something quieter alongside the quality of its hotels and strip. For many, beach vacations are about escapism, finding somewhere quiet to lay your head, and a place to revel in introspection and the joy of tranquility. Ho Tram, with impeccable sands, offers exactly that and beyond. There’s also a huge camping scene on and around the beach for those who enjoy getting off the beaten track. The fact that there are quality hotels and amenities to offer something comfortable to return to after some time away from society is a significant means that the beach offers something different for everyone.

Incredible Scenery

Few beaches are more beautiful than Long Hai, according to Travel Triangle. The second closest beach to Ho Chi Minh City, Long Hai, encompasses massive cliffs facing crystal blue waters. Once again, The beach is buzzing; with the city nearby and other resorts, there is recourse for something different for those travelers who might want a bit of vibrancy to go with the backdrop.

Buzzing and Alive

One of Vietnam’s most popular and most popular beaches in Southern Vietnam is a 3-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. Vung Tau is renowned not just for its sandy beaches but also its incredible nightlife, which explains why the place is favored heavily by locals and foreign tourists. What could be better than mixing the relaxation and fun of the beach with a taste of real Vietnamese culture and the chance to experience the country just as the locals would?

For this reason – and many others – Ho Chi Minh City is a fantastic hub for beach vacations. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you have options for every type of sandy escape. Whether for introspection and quiet or a vibrant seaside nightlife and the chance to experience brilliant culture, there’s something for everyone.

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