VietnamHo Chi MinhBach Dang River Bus to Thu Duc District

Bach Dang River Bus to Thu Duc District

Want to cruise down the Saigon River on your travel? Check out the Bach Dang River bus to Thu Duc, a new public transportation in Ho Chi Minh City. It is currently the only river bus route, so frankly, this is not the most convenient option to travel around. However, it makes an excellent choice for sightseeing Ho Chi Minh from a different perspective.

How to Take Bach Dang River Bus to Thu Duc District

Begin Your Journey from Bach Dang Station

Address: Me Linh Roundabout, Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. Next to Bach Dang Park and Ho Chi Minh City Passenger Ferry Port.

Bach Dang Port’s front gate

Buy the ticket in the booth on the left of the front gate. At this booth, you can also find the schedule and route map.

A riverside coffee shop at Bach Dang station

Ticket price: VND 15,000 one-way. Free for seniors over 70 and children under 1 meter in height.

Before getting on board, the guard will ask for your ticket and return it to you after checking. There is no number on the ticket so you can choose any seats. There are 72 seats in the air-conditioned cabin, but you can also sit in the aft to enjoy the view and fresh air.

Inside the cabin

The boat is equipped with alarms, extinguishers, and life jackets, along with their how-to-use instruction in case of emergencies.

A life jacket is put under every seat

Bach Dang River Bus Stops

There are 6 trips per day from Bach Dang Port. The first will leave at 8:30 AM, and the last will go at 5:40 AM and reach the dock at 7:15 PM. You should arrive at the port at least 15 minutes before departing, buy the ticket, and return the ticket early, as they may be sold out.

The river bus from Bach Dang Port goes through District 1, District 2, Binh Thanh District, and Thu Duc District. Each trip will take about 1 hour (one way from Bach Dang Port to the last stop in Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc) and about 2 and a half hours (from Bach Dang to Thu Duc and back).

Bus route: Bach Dang (District 1) – Binh An (District 2) – Thanh Da (Binh Thanh District) – Hiep Binh Chanh (Thu Duc District) – Linh Dong (Thu Duc District)
River view from the cabin’s window

The bus will stop for about 5 minutes to drop off and pick up guests at each dock.

In District 2, where many expats choose to reside and hang out, there is a lot of Westernized entertainment.

If you get off the boat at the dock in Binh Thanh District, you can find recreational areas like Binh Quoi Theme Park and Restaurants.

Thanh Da Dock in Binh Thanh District

But if you choose to get off in Thu Duc District (Thu Duc City), you may find getting around the town challenging. There are some bus routes connecting the attractions in Thu Duc. However, some are relatively close to one another, while others are pretty far. If you want to make as many stops as possible, you should get a local guide to drive you around.

Hiep Binh Chanh Dock
Linh Dong Dock

What to See around Thu Duc Stop

Some attractions near the port (under 5 km) are Hue Nghiem Pagoda, Thu Duc One Pillar Pagoda, Quang Duc Monastery, Van Duc Pagoda, Tam Ha Church, Thu Duc Market, and Vincom Thu Duc. Further sites worth visiting are Thu Duc Produce Market, where you can buy fresh tropical fruits, and Suoi Tien Theme Park, a place to cool down the heat with water sports and activities.

Thus Duc Market
One Pillar Pagoda in Thu Duc

Getting back to District 1

By river bus: You can buy the ticket back to Bach Dang in advance at the ticket booth in Bach Dang Port, or buy it at the port where you get off. This would cost you another VND 15,000.

By bus: The public bus is your cheapest option (VND 7,000/round) to return to the city center. You can find suitable bus routes with the bus map app. However, you might have to walk and find your way around for the bus stops. You would need 3G to use the on your phone, read more here on Where to buy a SIM card in Ho Chi Minh City.

By taxi or motorbike taxi: They are the most convenient transportation in Ho Chi Minh City if you don’t know your way and want to be picked up at the spot. But these would be a little expensive, VND 100,000 – VND 500,000 for a taxi and VND 50,000 – VND 300,000 for a motorbike taxi.

Our Takes on Bach Dang River Bus to Thu Duc District

If you get tired from the bustling city center and want to try a cruise along the Saigon River, the Bach Dang River bus to Thu Duc will be a new, fun, and affordable experience. As the docks of the river bus are pretty far from the main attractions of the districts, it would be better to have a local guide to pick you up and take you around. But there are also options for transportation like public buses, taxis, or motorbike taxis if you want to travel alone.

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