VietnamTravel Tips & InfoAll Experiences That You Can't Miss in Vietnam

All Experiences That You Can’t Miss in Vietnam

With a smart device, it only takes you one click to find Vietnam’s attractive destinations and another click to order a Vietnamese dish. But if you want a comprehensive look at the country, there is nothing better than traveling in real life. Here, we have selected 10 experiences you can’t miss in Vietnam.

Experiences You Can’t Miss in Vietnam

Take a Train across Vietnam

How to catch some glimpses of Vietnam in a couple of days? The best way is to take a train across the country. Without much money and traveling, you can go through the 4,000-km land border and the train’s window will offer you a real sightseeing tour. Also, as the train stops at many stations, take those chances to explore the local life and visit nearby places.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original train1

Relax and view Vietnam’s beauty through these windows

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Explore Stunning Caves

You may have heard of Son Doong as the world’s largest cave but Vietnam is gifted with hundreds of beautiful caves across the country. These places are not only masterpieces of Mother Nature but also ecology preserves for thousands of years. If you are into adventurous trips, pay a visit to these stunning spots, but remember to be responsible while traveling.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original hangmua

Hang Mua in Ninh Binh is a must-visit spot

Go Island Hopping

For a beach lover, what can be more appealing than an island hopping tour? As a coastal country, Vietnam never ceases to astonish you with more than 2000 marvelous islands from the North to the South. You can even have a cross-country trip simply by traveling to the must-visit islands, including Ha Long Bay – one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original island

Your island hopping trip would not be complete without Ha Long Bay

Wander around Hoi An

Occupied by well-preserved ancient houses and craft villages, Hoi An is like a timeless charm of Central Vietnam. As you wander around the town, you will see many imprints of foreigners in its architecture. Also, the colorful lanterns and its specialty – Cao Lau – somehow bring you a sense of Chinese vibe.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original lantern1

Purchase these sparkling lanterns as souvenirs

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original lantern

… or drop paper lanterns to send your wishes

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Visit Ethnic Minorities in The Central Highlands

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups and thus, its culture varies from the North to the South. If you happen to see people wearing brocade clothes in the Central Highlands, there is a high chance that they are of ethnic minorities. These people have their customs and languages which are quite different from the Vietnamese you usually know about.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original ethnic

Ethnic minorities will bring you a different facet of Vietnam

Ride on A Cyclo

First introduced in the French colonial time, cyclo is no longer a common vehicle but rather a popular service for tourists. Though you will find it bumpy, the experience you have is worthwhile. As drivers know the area like the back of their hands, you should not worry about getting lost while going with them.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original cyclo

Cyclo in Hanoi Old Quarter

Ride A Motorbike

Upon arrival, you will see motorbikes in different shapes flocking to the street, making a unique and chaotic scene. Since riding this vehicle is challenging, be a passenger before you ride. A great alternative is joining back-of-the-bike tours to both have a taste of this while exploring the city’s nooks and crannies.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original moto

Wearing a helmet is compulsory when riding in Vietnam

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

Cruise Mekong Delta

This “rice bowl” of Vietnam is loaded with endless paddy fields and fruitful gardens. Due to a complex network of canals and rivers, it is like a tropical maze waiting to be explored. While cruising, remember to drop by the distinctive “floating markets” and see how people trade on the water. You can explore this area solo or with local tour guides who can give you insider knowledge and pre-planned itinerary.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original float

Having meals on the sinking water – one of the experiences you can’t miss in Vietnam

Conquer Fansipan

Standing 3,134 meters above sea level, the “Indochina’s Roof” is an ideal spot for hiking and trekking in Vietnam. Since the way to Fansipan is quite narrow, you should go with a tour guide and spend at least two days for your adventure. If you are not confident with your health, cable and train are some alternatives to conquer Fansipan.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original train

Train to Fansipan

Drink Egg Coffee

Mixing coffee with cream or milk might be familiar but mixing coffee with egg? Invented as a dupe of cappuccino, egg coffee now makes its name as Hanoi’s signature drink. Though whisked egg was initially used to replace the expensive milk, it is what makes the beverage popular and outstanding.

experiences you cant miss in Vietnam original egg

How to drink: Sip the creamy foam and feel the bitter coffee

Final Thoughts on Experiences You Can’t Miss in Vietnam

Whether you want a cultural journey or a nature adventure, Vietnam always caters to your taste. With a list of experiences you can’t miss in Vietnam, we hope you can find your favorite ones and make your way to Vietnam as soon as possible.

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