VietnamAccidental Insurance

Accidental Insurance

Insurance Coverage for Our Vietnam Private Tours

At i Tour Vietnam, our team takes pride in the detailed planning of our itineraries. We make sure our tours offer voyagers the chance to discover new landmarks and create memorable experiences in Vietnam. On the other hand, we also emphasize the importance of safety. We recognize that riding a motorbike can seem terrifying, especially when drivers are zooming and honking from all directions. However, our passengers can navigate with peace of mind knowing that there is an extra means for security.

Our licensed drivers are trained to recognize and address any potential, unexpected events. While we vow to protect our patrons, consensus to participate in any of i Tour Vietnam’s excursions involves possible risks, such as illness, lost/stolen item(s), or accidents. All guests who take part in our Vietnam motorcycle tours are insured from the moment the tour begins until the tour finishes. Below is an annotated list of i Tour insurance provider’s coverage policy. Please note that lost/stolen items are not covered.

In accordance with the insurance agency, the Assured traveling within the territory of Vietnam is:

  1. insure up to $5,000 USD or 100,000,000 VND; and
  2. cover for any necessary and reasonable medical expenses correspondent upon accident or illness during the tour.

Since our operation, we have not received any reported incidents. It is our priority that anyone who travels with us feels secure and protected. We do our best to accommodate any requests or special needs. Additionally, if unforeseen events or weather conditions do not permit us to travel, we will contact you to reschedule the tour if we do not feel the trip will be safe for our patrons.

Safe travels,

i Tour Vietnam Ltd.

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