VietnamA Unique Experience: Speedy Tailoring by Tailors in Hoi An

A Unique Experience: Speedy Tailoring by Tailors in Hoi An

You may have heard of Hoi An’s antique houses, handicraft villages, and appetizing cuisine. But do you know that it is also “the capital of tailoring”? Speedy tailoring by tailors in Hoi An is a unique experience you should not miss. Scroll to learn about this service and get ready to have a custom-tailored garment. 

Overview of Tailors in Hoi An

Gliding through Hoi An, you can easily see a myriad of tailor shops scattering all over its pedestrian-friendly streets. Most of these tailors have skillful craftsmanship and produce high-quality clothing within a short time. Instead of waiting for several weeks, you only need a couple of days or only 24 hours for a tailored costume! Is that too fast? Now you know why people call it “speedy tailoring”.

tailors in Hoi An tailor

The incredible speed of tailors in Hoi An makes it onto many tourists’ Vietnam’s bucket lists

Clothes to Tailor in Hoi An

Compare to tailors in Ho Chi Minh or tailors in Hanoi, tailors in Hoi An are as accomplished in their work so you can get various kinds of clothes from formal attires like suits, shirts, and ao dai to casual ones like dresses, pants, and shorts.

It is hard to tell how much the price will be since it depends on the design and the material of your order. Another important factor is the reputation of the store. If you opt for fancy places, the cost must be double or even triple the price in small stalls. However, expect a shirt/shorts to cost from VND 200,000 or more, and a suit starts from VND 1,500,000.

tailors in Hoi An tailor1

Tailors in Hoi An can make both traditional and modern clothing

The Tailoring Process in Hoi An

Each tailor may have a different process but here are the basics steps that they must all go through (reference from Yaly Couture):

  • Share your desires for the requested item. You should be precise in what you want;
  • If it is an item you own, bring the original piece or provide as many pictures as you can;
  • If it is a replicate of something you have seen, bring some copies/pictures;
  • If it is your design, bring sketches and pictures of your inspiration;
  • In case you don’t know what you want, walk around and see models on display or ask the staff for recommendations.
  • Pick your favorite fabric, color, and pattern. You should listen to the staff’s advice since they know what kinds of fabric work best for each clothing type;
  • The staff takes your body measurements and pass these to the tailors;
  • Depending on the complexity of the item, you will have one or two additional fittings within 24 – 48 hours;
  • ​Once the final fittings are complete, you can pay and bring home your purchase.

tailors in Hoi An original fabric

If you love distinctive materials, you can choose brocade

tailors in Hoi An original fabric1

…or the stunning Vietnamese silk

Our Picks for Tailors in Hoi An


It is not exaggerating to say that Bebe is a true definition of excellent service! Right from the moment you walk in, a team member will work one-on-one with you to ensure a wonderful experience. Since the store always focuses on each product’s quality, you will certainly get what you pay for.


Opening hours: 8 AM – 9:30 PM

tailors in Hoi An bebe

Bebe will awe you with its spacious and well-decorated stores

Yaly Couture

Started as a small market stall 20 years ago, Yaly is now the most mentioned name when it comes to good tailors in Hoi An. Their high-class workmanship, rich fabrics, and the professional service are what make Yaly’s name. Although its price is more than average, it is crowded throughout the year.


Opening hours: 8 AM – 9:30 PM

tailors in Hoi An yaly

Apart from 3 shops in Hoi An, Yaly also has an online store

tailors in Hoi An yaly1

These suits were made in less than 24 hours

B’lan Silk

Placed in a 200-year-old-house, B’lan Silk offers you a short trip to the past in addition to its bespoke clothing. As this store offers a wide selection of fabrics, you will have no problem choosing one that suits your taste. Once entering, cozy and friendliness are the two things you will surely feel.

Address: 23 Tran Phu Street

Opening hours: 8 AM – 8 PM

tailors in Hoi An blan

Comparing with the aforementioned tailors in Hoi An, the cost here is more affordable

tailors in Hoi An blan1

B’lan Silk from outside

Summary of Speedy Tailoring by Tailors in Hoi An

Entering the charming town of Hoi An, you will be overwhelmed by hundreds of tailor shops. But calm down, don’t pick the first one you walk in. Instead, take your time, go around, and compare different places. Once you have done all these steps, you will know exactly what to opt for.

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