VietnamHo Chi MinhA Guide to Living in Ho Chi Minh City

A Guide to Living in Ho Chi Minh City

To put it in the most cliche way, Ho Chi Minh is a city of beautiful contrast between the glistening skyscrapers and humble sidewalk vendors. Such irresistible charm and enchanting energy that keep visitors longing to come back for more, and in fact the statistics about expats in Vietnam, and in Ho Chi Minh particularly might surprise you. If you are considering living in such a welcoming city, read our blog to have useful tips for living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Living in Ho Chi Minh City: Transportation

Although it is extremely easy for you to travel around Ho Chi Minh by buses which are conveniently available in the city, or you can even opt for taking a cab or a motorbike taxi (which is referred to as xe om by locals), the lifestyle in this city is mostly about motorbikes. Not only is it the best way to partake in the local life, but it is also much more beneficial to be able to ride a motorbike in Saigon and travel anywhere you like.

living hcm bus

There are buses to most of the corners of Ho Chi Minh

However, you must obtain a valid license in order to do that. You can either have your license from home transferred to a Vietnamese one or take a few classes to earn a motorcycle license in Vietnam.

living hcm motorbike

If you are to live in Ho Chi Minh, you must learn how to ride a motorbike

Check out our private motorbike tours with professional local guides
for fun and insightful trips in Ho Chi Minh City!

family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

Living in Ho Chi Minh: Shopping

If you are not used to the pace of living in Ho Chi Minh, the easiest option to go shopping is to have a look at the shopping malls in the city. These are the places where you can find almost every necessity and the staff can speak a little English in case you have not been able to pick up Vietnamese yet. Besides, you don’t have to bring too much cash as you can always pay with your credit cards.

Click here for a full guide to Shopping Malls in Ho Chi Minh City

Having said that, in order to live like a true local, one must take more than a few trips to the local market. Unlike the fancy shopping malls, it requires far more survival skills and street smart tips to get out of the markets alive. On the bright side, the price here is considerably lower and you can find a host of fresh produce such as tropical fruit and vegetables; it takes a bit of courage and determination to master the art of shopping in the local markets.

– Always bring cash. There are very few stores in the markets that take payment by credit cards, so remember to put some cash, and changes if any, in your wallet to avoid unwanted awkward moments.
– Make your best attempt to make a bargain. Many stores may take advantage of you for being a foreigner and overcharge their products. It can be intimidating and if you don’t succeed at first, try again – practice makes perfect!
– Be careful of your belongings. The markets are fun and exciting, but they can be too crowded and become a bit complicated. Do look out for snatchers and thieves for your safety.

living hcm market

The markets are the liveliest corners of Ho Chi Minh

Here are the most Popular Markets in Ho Chi Minh that you need to check out.

Living in Ho Chi Minh: Learning the Language

Although Ho Chi Minh City can be regarded as an English-speaking city where you can get by just fine using the so-called international language, it is undeniable that being able to use the local language can prove helpful in numerous ways. The tricky thing is that Vietnamese is not an easy language to learn because of the overly complicated grammar systems, but luckily, there are Places to Learn Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh to help you can brush up on the language.

Living in Ho Chi Minh: Occupations

Ho Chi Minh is a dynamic commercial hub that opens immense chances for anyone looking for employment. If you are living in Ho Chi Minh and seeking a career opportunity, the first and foremost step is to Apply for A Work Permit, which takes only a small amount of time and a bit of paperwork.

Living in Ho Chi Minh: Accommodations

There are a plethora of choices for finding a place and living in Ho Chi Minh ranging from fancy penthouses to humble apartments. Nonetheless, in case you are still wondering about choosing a place to live, you can opt for a short stay at Budget Hostels in Ho Chi Minh.

living hcm live

The cost of living in Ho Chi Minh is comparatively cheap, so you can find a place to live at ease

More on House Rentals in Ho Chi Minh City

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Conclusion on Living in Ho Chi Minh City

It can be such a rollercoaster of emotions to live in Ho Chi Minh, but at the same time, the thrills of learning about the ethereal culture and lifestyle make people never want to leave. Once you’ve got the hang of life here, Ho Chi Minh will never fail to be a lovely second home.

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