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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Book with i Tour Vietnam

If your priority when looking for a tour in Vietnam is a cheap budget tour, i Tour Vietnam may not be your ideal first choice. The word “budget” itself is vague; it will be different for everyone. However, in Vietnam, everything can be found in any amount of pricing (from ridiculously high to unbelievably low). Just when you think it seems impossible, you can find a tour as cheap as US$ 20 while the price of a half-day tour provided by i Tour Vietnam starts at US$ 65. This would make you hesitate and consider booking with i Tour Vietnam, so we’ve gathered the 5 reasons why i Tour Vietnam may not be the Vietnam tour for you.

1. If you’re looking for a cheap quality tour

Vietnam budget tour quality i tour vietnam quality tour

A cheap price usually comes with cheap service. You may find that many things in Vietnam are cheap, but the cost to make a quality tour is never cheap. Not all Vietnam budget tours are scams, but the actual quality and experience are always in question.

A quality tour should be able to meet the following safety requirements: insurance, safety (food, accommodation, and means of transportation), informative tour guide, prompt services, customization, and last but not least privacy. Besides the money invested in insurance and qualified safety helmets and motorbikes, the money to pay for a guide, who can speak English well, well-trained, friendly, and actively adapt to your requests in the tour, is not a small amount.

i Tour Vietnam tours always make those quality requirements a priority, and thus we will never offer our tours at a cheap price jeopardizing our customers’ experience and safety.

However, there are other tips to lower your cost on a trip such as looking for attractions with free entrance, and eating and drinking like a local. You can read here for more Vietnam budget tips.

2. If you want to join a big group of tourists

When joining a budget tour in Vietnam, you will often find yourself ending up traveling with other people that you don’t know, which is absolutely fine for some but not for others. The agencies that provide budget tours usually try to cut the budget by having a large group of tourists traveling together and stuffing many customers into one trip. If you don’t mind often – or at least, once in a while – traveling with other strangers, then a cheap budget tour shouldn’t be a problem. However, you might end up feeling like the trip not going the way you wanted with no flexibility, and you can’t receive prompt service on these tours like when you go on an actual private tour.

Imagine 30 people sharing one tour guide, and you try to raise a question or get pushed to move among the attractions to keep up with the group.

i Tour Vietnam will always assure complete privacy with our informative and friendly guides. As you decide to travel alone with us or bring a couple of friends to share the cost and share the experience, you will find yourself having a trip the way you want, and the way you deserve it.

3. If you want to spend less money and waste more time

A budget tour will always come with a low-quality service, you may find a hard time trying to understand the tour guide, deal with uncomfortable situations when traveling with a big group, and frequent (but righteous) worries about your safety more or less an unpleasant experience and a waste of time.

At i Tour Vietnam, your tour starts the moment we pick you up. We value your planned travel time. Thus we don’t waste it going around collecting people from different places to start your tour.

4. If you want to roll a dice and compromise your experience

You may likely find your experience a so-so experience when traveling with budget tours, there are some okays, and there are some bads. If you want to compromise on that uncertainty, then it is alright to think “you get what you paid”.

It’s not only about the money but also about the time, the experience you miss out on when you can have a better service, adequate traveling time, and last but not least, your safety and the worries you can save when traveling with more reliable and responsible agencies.

i tour vietnam authentic fun experience i tour vietnam authentic food tour

When you partake in any motorbike tour with i Tour Vietnam, it means you can be worried free from other out-of-pocket expenses, such as attraction entrance fees, tour insurance, meal expenses (food tour), and an English-speaking local tour guide. Our tour guides are informative and will always be at your service because you and your group are the only customers they are serving. Our bikes, vehicles, and helmets all meet the safety standards. You don’t have to worry about paying little money upfront and being charged with other things during the trips, ending up costing more money than you expected.

5. If you want to be another tourist

If you decide that on your Vietnam trip you just want to go wherever people want to take you, then the Vietnam budget tour is the choice for you. But if you’re going to have a traveling experience the way you customize it then rest assured at the hands of our local guides at i Tour Vietnam. Our full-time tour guide crew can help you plan your tour while ensuring the best quality possible. We don’t offer a cookie-cutter tour.

Our Thoughts on the 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Book with i Tour Vietnam

On a fair note, not every Vietnam budget tour is a scam, but you will have to continually worry about the service and getting a positive experience out of it. When traveling with i Tour Vietnam, you are guaranteed to have a fun, authentic, and safe private tour experience. Cheap quality, a big group of tourists, a waste of time, a compromised experience, and other touristy traps are not what you can find with i Tour Vietnam.

Well, don’t just take our words for it. Read our reviews from Tripadvisor and testimonials about our guiding services in Vietnam.

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