VietnamMiscellaneous3 Beautiful Waterfalls You Can Visit While in Da Lat, Vietnam

3 Beautiful Waterfalls You Can Visit While in Da Lat, Vietnam

As the main urban center of Vietnam’s Lam Dong province, Da Lat is strategically placed in the middle of several natural wonders. You can even visit two or three of the region’s most notable waterfalls while you’re in the city. And you can go see them if you’ve booked one of Da Lat’s many accommodation options.

Indeed, staying in one of the city’s hotels should give you a convenient place to rest after a tiring day’s adventure. Just some great options include the Luxe Hotel, the Da Lat Palace Heritage Hotel, and many others. But no matter where you decide to stay, you should keep the next three waterfalls in mind if you’re looking to get wet and go wild in Da Lat.  

Take a Ride at the Datanla Waterfall

Only 6 kilometers away from Da Lat’s city center, Datanla Falls is highly accessible and has therefore been well-developed for tourism. Aside from the gentle and beautiful falls, Datanla even offers some added fun activities. Indeed, you can take a unique ride on a manually operated roller coaster around the waterfall. While on the ride, you use a hand crank to power the cart and it travels along a twisty path that even reaches the foot of the waterfall. Alternatively, you can also enjoy other activities such as rappelling along with one of the area’s more prominent cliffs. Indeed, the Datanla Waterfall offers both a relaxing view and will let you enjoy various outdoor activities.

Get Wet at the Elephant Waterfall

Also known as Thac Voi by the locals, Elephant Falls is near the city’s outer limits. It’s known for its strong and deafening current, which is sure to give you a refreshing shower just from the constant spray of fresh water. And all of this is amidst a very scenic view that you can enjoy from a strategic platform. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also carefully climb up a rough and slippery path alongside the waterfall. This takes you to a cave behind the falls that should allow you to enjoy a more visceral connection with Elephant Falls.

Check Out the Pongour Waterfall

Although it’s a little bit farther off from the city, Pongour Falls is one of Lam Dong province’s best sights. Despite being 50 kilometers to the southeast in the outlying Duc Trong rural district, Pongour is indeed a great sight to behold. Its unique structure allows for an awe-inspiring view that’s hard to match. Specifically, it has seven levels and scatters into several different streams. The result is a bigger overall area and a very splendid “terraced” look. This makes for a view that’s very much worth the long ride it takes to get there.   

There are many ways to experience the beauty of Vietnam’s Central Highlands region in and around Da Lat. And by booking a place to stay in the city, you’re also getting a convenient place to access the area’s picturesque waterfalls. Consider giving them a visit if you’re looking to add some excitement to your trip.

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