VietnamTravel Tips & Info10 Tips for Solo Travelers in Vietnam

10 Tips for Solo Travelers in Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam allows you to submerge yourself in your surroundings without getting distracted, but that comes with tradeoffs such as loneliness and safety concerns. Solo travelers in Vietnam need to spend some preparation for their trip and exercise common sense at all times, and they should be alright.

1. Trust Everyone and No One

One of the best reasons to travel solo and the best way to overcome loneliness on this kind of trip is to meet new people and make new friends, but this does not mean you should trust them to hold onto your valuables and money. Common scams and petty thieves are often lurking around, especially in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, spotting out foreign tourists to make their next move, so exercise common sense.

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2. Pre-arrange Accommodation and Transportation

At times, it is nice to be spontaneous and book rooms and transports as you go, but this comes at a price of things getting booked out, and you will need to pay higher prices for last-minute bookings. We recommend using 12GoAsia for transport tickets and Agoda for accommodations.

3. Travel during the Daytime

For safety reasons, avoid traveling on buses, taxis, trains, and dimly lit areas at night when going to an unknown country. Theft is expected during the day but can be more dangerous at night. If you’re thinking of roaming the city on foot, read more on the best time to visit Vietnam.

4. Do Not Draw Attention to Yourself by Wearing Flashy Clothes or Jewelry

Don’t brand yourself as someone who does not belong. Vietnam is a country of motorbikes, and it is advisable not to flaunt your belongings, especially while you’re on the back of the bike, as snatch-thefts and accidents can happen.

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5. Respect Local Culture

Spend time doing research on local cultures and taboos before visiting local attractions, such as the temples and pagodas. Learn about local customs, etiquette, and how to dress appropriately. Read more on Vietnam’s Dos and Dont’s.

6. Leave a Trace

Make copies of your itinerary to your friends or family and stay in touch regularly through emails, phone, texts, etc. Learn more about SIM cards in Vietnam.

7. Make Friends with a Hotel Staff

These locals can advise on things to do and see in Vietnam. Ask them for information on a quality tour, local cuisines or Vietnamese street foods to try, best markets for shopping, or even free things to do in Vietnam.

8. Carry Suitable Identification in More than One Place

It is wise to take pictures of your passport on your phone and email a copy to yourself. Even better, consider attaching Air Tags with your belongings.

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9. Know the Costs

Before you get into any means of transportation in Vietnam, research costs and distances ahead of time. Doing a Google Maps check on the distance and routes first is recommended, so you know how long it takes and how much it costs to get from point A to B.

10. Follow Your Conscience

If it does not feel right, do not do it. We understand the spirit of adventures may want to try everything new that you come across. However, since you are in a foreign country, better be safe and enjoy the rest of the trip than risk it all for the thrills.

Traveling alone in Vietnam comes with concerns such as loneliness and safety, but as long as you exercise caution, you will be able to enjoy your trip without being paranoid.

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