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Top Ho Chi Minh City Bars You Can’t Pass Up

After a wonderful day exploring the beautiful Ho Chi Minh City or a Night Adventure Motorbike Tour comes the exploration of the stellar nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City.

That’s right – your day is not done yet.

You’ve had a taste of some Vietnamese flavors; now it’s time to quench your thirst and have some fun, Vietnamese style!

Here’s a list of Ho Chi Minh City bars (not in any ranking orders) worth a visit while you’re here! They are all in District 1 and District 3, central districts of Ho Chi Minh City.

Blank Lounge Landmark

Address: 75F – 76F, Landmark 81 Tower, 208 Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh District

Opening hours: 9:30 AM- 12 AM

Price: VND 150,000 – VND 1,500,000

Landmark 81 is the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City by far, and Blank Lounge is located in one of the most optimal locations within the building to ensure the most breathtaking view of the city possible. The 75F is a coffee lounge where the majority of business people in the city meet up, and the 76th floor is where the fun at. Expect high-class services, creative drinks, and the finest dining experience in town when you celebrate your day at Blank Lounge.

ho chi minh city bars level 23

View from Blank Lounge is one of the best in District 1

NOMU Izakaya 

Address: 152 Nguyen Cong Tru, District 1
Opening hours: 5 PM – 11:45 PM

Price: VND 100,000 – VND 1,000,000

Looking for something different for a night out drinking? How about a taste of Japanese cuisine and Japanese unique drinking culture? Izakaya is Japan’s signature food stall that also serves alcohol – which is popular among tourists and the working class, yet at NOMU, the experience is highly elevated. While preserving the essence of Japanese cuisine, NOMU also offers fine dining along with an exquisite selection of designer’ drinks, with a twist of Japanese flavors on classic cocktails.


Address: 1 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Opening hours: 4 PM – 1 AM

Price: VND 100,000 – VND 440,000

M.Bar is a great spot to hang out and watch the sun go down by the Saigon River. The other side of the balcony looks over one of the busiest intersections of the city, offering you a feeling of escaping from the fast living pace.

Around 9 PM every day, a foreign band would start to play classic songs, feel free to move your body to your favorite ones.

M.Bar at Hotel Majestic Saigon is a great place to bond with your friends.

Social Club Saigon

Address: 76-78 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3
Opening hours: 9 AM – 2 AM

Price: VND 100,000 – VND 500,000

With a large pool and comfortable sofas, Social Club Saigon in District 3 is one of the most unique Ho Chi Minh City bars. The place is suitable to have a chit-chat with friends while chilling with the music in the background. With a wide-open space that can observe different city corners, you can look forward to a memorable night here.

Propeller Rooftop

Address: 7 Ngo Van Nam, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Opening hours: 4 PM-midnight

Price: VND 100,000 – VND 500,000

The thing that makes it unique among Ho Chi Minh City bars is that it has two areas: inside and outside. The outside one has a marvelous view of the bustling Ho Chi Minh City at night and a lovely pool that gives out a fancy atmosphere. The other part is decorated in a modern and luxurious design.

Propeller Rooftop offers several craft cocktails that you might want to try out. The beer dishes here come from different cuisines, which would give you various choices. Despite having a very stylish space, the prices of this bar are reasonable, especially for a relaxing night.

Qui – Cuisine – Mixology

Address: 22 Le Thanh Ton, District 1

Opening hours: 5:50 PM – 2 AM

Happy hour: 5:50 PM – 8:30 PM (buy 1 get 1 free from the selected menu)

Price: VND 200,000 – VND 2,000,000

As the name suggests, visitors come to Qui for 2 things: food and drinks. Most bars gloss over the food’s part with the assumption that most people would be too drunk to care, and only offer Western finger foods as a result. However, Qui also strongly focuses on a diverse menu of eating options to ensure the most well-rounded experience possible. The bar is famous for its value-for-money happy hour but as the night gets older, the music and atmosphere get so much livelier and wilder. But fear not, their professional table service takes good care of everyone at the party.

Zion Sky Lounge and Dining

Address: 87A Ham Nghi, District 1

Opening hours: 5:30 PM – 2 AM

Price: VND 200,000 – VND 1,000,000

Zion is more suitable for big groups that prefer a little calmer vibe but still want to enjoy good music and blend in with the locals. The bar often hosts live music events with local famous artists, so make sure to book your table in advance.

Breeze Sky Bar

Address: Level 5, Majestic Hotel, 1 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: VND 100,000 – VND 550,000

If you’re looking to enjoy the rooftop scene closer to the ground, Breeze Sky Bar is a gorgeous choice.

Situated near the Saigon River, you’ll be transported to the colonial era with the bar’s French architecture and slow river traffic.

If you’re still hungry, you’re in luck as Breeze Sky Bar also offers great meal choices, even well into the night!


Address: 8 Ly Tu Trong, District 1

Opening hours: 7 PM – 1 AM

Price: VND 200,000 – VND 550,000

Carmen is the staple bar in Ho Chi Minh City for its live music. Visitors are mostly tourists or expats so the performances include a great selection of Latin songs, and the artists also take song requests. There is a small dancing spot in case you want to swing with your jam. 

Rex Hotel Rooftop Garden Bar

Address: Level 5, Rex Hotel, 141 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: VND 200,000 VND 440,000

Another rooftop bar, the Rex Hotel Garden Bar sits on the 5th floor, which allows you to see the Saigon Opera House and the People’s Committee Hall in all their splendor. 

Though on the lower side when it comes to rooftop bars, the open bar makes use of the entire space. Here you’ll find wooden decking, potted plants, and plenty of tables to choose from – hence the name Garden Bar.

But, that’s not all. This rooftop bar also has historical significance. 

During the Vietnam War, it was a favorite hangout for military personnel. “Five o’clock Follies” or nightly war-related briefings were held here at 5 PM.

Saigon Saigon Bar

Address: Rooftop of Caravelle Hotel, 19 Cong Truong Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 11 AM – 1 AM

Price: VND 200,000 – VND 1,100,000

Saigon Saigon Bar is another historical bar. It, too, was a popular place for military personnel to gather and share war stories. 

As such, history can still be felt in the Saigon Saigon Bar with sepia photographs, black and white checkered flooring, and wooden fixtures.

If that’s not enough, Saigon Saigon bar also offers spectacular views of the historic Ho Chi Minh City.

Check the price and availability of Caravelle Hotel in Ho Chi Minh:


Address: 6E Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 6 PM – 12 AM (live music from 9 PM, except on Sundays)

Price: VND 60,000 – VND 200,000

This local live music bar located at the end of an alley is a favorite spot for locals and tourists to gather for the Ho Chi Minh Nightlife.

If you’re looking for great live rock, hip-hop, and pop music with reasonably priced beers, this is the place for you. Go early around 7 PM to get your spot because this place can get packed quickly.

Air 360 Sky Lounge

AddressLevel 21 & 22, Ben Thanh Tower, 136 Le Thi Hong Gam Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 5.30 PM – 1 AM

Price: VND 70,000 – VND 500,000

This fancy open-space bar is another great place to get fantastic views of the city at night. Drinks are expensive, but you pay for the view and atmosphere. Great spot for the luxury traveler. Dress code enforced.

Phatty’s Sports Restaurant

Address: 48 Ton That Thiep, District 1

Opening hours: 8 AM – 12 AM

Price: VND 200,000 – VND 500,000

Vietnamese people love sports, especially soccer! However, the majority of locals would prefer to watch sports at home with their families or at a streetside restaurant with a chilled Saigon beer in hand. Let’s say you want to catch up with your favorite rugby games instead of soccer, or in other words, in case you’re looking for a more familiar sports bar atmosphere, make your way to Phatty’s. Phatty’s Sports Restaurant is Australian-owned, so it is not a stretch that the game’s spirits here are pumped up to the highest.  

Pasteur Street Brewing Company

Address: 144 Pasteur Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 4 PM – 9 PM

Price: VND 50,000 – VND 200,000

This is one of those gems you don’t expect to find in the city. This intimate venue hidden inside an alleyway serves a variety of excellent beers from lagers, stouts, porters, and ale to barley.

It can be a bit cramped at times but well worth it. They also serve beer-friendly food.

Which Ho Chi Minh City Bars Are You Most Excited For?

This list contains only a mere handful of Ho Chi Minh City bars for you to choose from. These are the place for those who love to enjoy an exciting night in Ho Chi Minh City with a glass of wine or beer or simply to try the best foods and drinks in the city.

Are there any you’re most excited to visit? Is there one that isn’t on the list but should be? Let us know in the comments!

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